Zero Waste Week
International Campaign

Zero Waste Week is the annual awareness campaign for reducing landfill.
Helping you save money and preserve resources since 2008.


Make a difference
with small steps

Be part of the solution! Many individuals making small changes add up to a significant positive impact.


Small Business...
or large corporation

You hold the power for significant change. Your workplace is a community where reducing waste is profitable.

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Meet your targets
and generate income

Recycling can be profitable. Become a leading Local Authority in waste management.

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A great future
is in our hands

What will the next generation inherit? Let's leave a safe and healthy planet filled with people who care.

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Pulling together
for positive change

Community groups hold particular local power and influence. Use yours to make the world a better place.

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How it works?

3 simple steps

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Join in, have fun
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Your Bin Meister !

Rachelle Strauss has promoted the zero waste message with passion and enthusiasm for over ten years. You're in good hands.

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Free resources

we can help you with resources, contacts, fun ideas and ways to make zero waste week a life changing experience.

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Rachelle powerfully communicates practical ways in which individuals and businesses can live and work more sustainably. She has a really engaging way of teaching about waste and what to do with all elements that just don’t fit in with the recycling box rules.

From: Resource Magazine. Rachelle Strauss - Zero Waste Week voted Number One in 2015 'Hot 100'

Zero Waste Week is coming soon ...

Zero Waste Week takes place the first full week of September. During the week you'll get daily emails filled with tips and tricks to help you save money, reduce waste and protect the environment.









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