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The theme for 2016 is "Use it up!"

Every year we choose a theme for Zero Waste Week. The theme for 2016 is "Use it up!" where we'll be tackling food waste..

According to research, the average householder wastes £50 of food per month, and now it’s time to stop!

Why should you join in?

Zero Waste Week is an online campaign encouraging you to send less to landfill.

Here’s what some householders say about the week:

“I loved the interaction with others. The sense of community with common purpose is powerful.”

“If you stop to think too much about the environment it's overwhelming, but Zero Waste Week makes you feel you can do something."

"Zero Waste Week makes you feel a part of something bigger, and oh God, maybe there is hope."

Stuck on ideas for what you can do?

1Take a food audit
Knowledge is power, so if you're somebody who thinks they don't create any food waste, I challenge you to take a food waste audit! You can find three ways of doing a food waste audit here.

Once you know what you're dealing with you can take action by finding some new recipes, discovering ways to preserve these foods or perhaps it's time to stop buying them altogether.
2Say no to BOGOF
Make a pledge to resist Buy One Get One Free offers. You know as well as I do that if they're fresh items, they often end up in the bin.

If you can't say no to a bargain, you could go halves with a friend or freeze items to use at a later date.
3Cook the right amount
Food waste is often caused by cooking too much in the first place. Many people guess the amount of rice or pasta to cook, or just don't know how much a portion really is.

Why not pledge to wise on on portion control from now on? This handy portion calculator will help.
4Shop in your cupboards
Why not use Zero Waste Week not only to stop wasting money, but to SAVE money too? You could shop in your freezer (or cupboard or veg rack) for the week. Get rid of the stockpile in your freezer and on the shelves.
5Menu plan
It works for some people, not for others. You could use Zero Waste Week as a test run. Write down all your commitments for the week and plan your meals accordingly.

There are numerous sites, including most supermarket sites that show you how to meal plan and will even build you the right shopping list.

The idea with menu planning is that nothing gets wasted because you plan in advance when you will eat it.
6Mind your language!
Ban the words leftovers and replace with ingredients! That odd tablespoon of tuna can be mixed with mayonnaise for tomorrow's lunchtime sandwich. Turn the leftover veg into the wonderful comfort food, bubble and squeak. Mix the leftover pasta with peppers and sweetcorn for a quick pasta salad.
7Plant your scraps
If you’ve ever thrown potato peelings in your compost heap you might have ended up with a potato harvest!

Some foods grow brilliantly from scraps including spring onions, celery and yes, potatoes.

Reuse those scraps to grow food. foods that will regrow from kitchen scraps
8Make crisps
Talking of potato peelings; did you know you can make fantastic crisps from them?

Scrub them clean, leave to dry them sprinkle with olive oil and herbs / spices of your choice.

Bake in the oven until crisp.
9Reuse your wilting fruit and veg
Wrinkly carrots? Apples past their best? Don’t throw them away; give them a new lease of life.

Wilting vegetables make great soup. Fruit can be make into smoothies or stewed and topped with pastry for the ultimate comfort food – a fruit pie.

Browse our recipes for ideas.
10Reuse your eggshells
For all you smug people thinking you reuse everything in the kitchen already this one should get you thinking!

Eggshells are full of calcium and its straight forward to make your own calcium supplement.

Wash egg shells thoroughly then dry in the oven. When they are dry, crush with a mortar and pestle of food blender into a powder and voila – you can sprinkle this nutrient into smoothies or stir into porrage.
11Reuse your peel
Citrus peels can be reused in a number of ways.

They can be used in pot pourri, dried and used to light a fire or used to clean the dishes.

From body scrubs to wood polish to slug repellents you'll find lots of ideas if you browse Google.
12Doing all you can?
Then inspire others. Share your favourite Zero Waste Recipe. Either submit it to me for inclusion on the blog or share on our Facebook Group.

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