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how to upcycle mobil figures
How to reuse / recycle old broken toys
May 16, 2015
zero waste week 2014
Tell us your Zero Waste Week pledge for 2015!
September 6, 2015
Anna Pitt Rosie's Eco Blog zero waste week ambassador

Author of 101 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener for Free and The Dustbin Diet waste reduction workshops for schools. Anna’s family put their bin out once a year, mainly to discard broken glasses knocked over by Smarty the Cat. This year Anna’s family has taken on the challenge to avoid single use plastic.
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Rachelle Strauss
Rachelle Strauss
Rachelle Strauss is founder of and Both are leading websites for helping householders reduce landfill waste. Her work has attracted media stories and engagement in documentaries, film and radio both locally and abroad.


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