Zero Waste Week blog Ambassador Programme

Zero Waste Week wouldn't be the huge success it is without the support of some incredible people. Our Blog Ambassador programme brings together enthusiastic bloggers who are committed to change. They share ideas, experiences and tips on a variety of topics related to waste including recycling, reuse ideas, repair and the circular economy. Our Blog Ambassadors are active, diverse and influential. They're pioneers and change makers. Each one is committed to making a difference, stimulating debate on the issues we are facing and sharing solutions to some of the problems surrounding waste and resources.

Meet this year's Amazing Ambassador Bloggers!

Aaron GreenZero Waste Week Ambassador Aaron Green

Aaron is a writer and lifestyle blogger at The Busy Papa. He hopes to encourage healthy relationships with green living through word and action combined. First and foremost Aaron believes it is important to talk honestly and realistically about zero waste living. Aaron's site

Ander Zabala

Zero Waste Week Ambassador - Ander Zabala

A recycling manager for the London Borough of Hackney delivering circular economy services and personally practicing a zero waste lifestyle  with his husband. In 2019 they took on the #1bin1year challenge, and were featured in The Guardian. Ander has spent the last two decades bringing about behaviour change at a local level, and he’d like to see a refill and packaging free shop in every street.

Ander's site

Ann Storr

Ann Storr is a food waste writer, based in London and Kent. After being skint and learning that cheesey cream makes amazing quiche filling, most fruits make amazing crumble and twenty ways with breadcrumbs, Ann turned her knowledge into StorrCupboard. She runs classes and workshops to make sure there’s never a leftover, leftover. Ann's site

Anna Pitt

Author of Leftover Pie: 101 Ways to reduce your food waste and 101 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener for Free Anna is Rachelle's "Partner in Grime" delivering the official Zero Waste Week talks and workshops. Anna's posts

Ben DolleyZero Waste Week Ambassador - Ben Dolley

Ben is interested in reducing his own household waste as well as the excessive use of packaging and single use plastic. As a keen, but fairly average, allotment holder he is also keen in getting fellow gardeners to go plastic free. Ben's Twitter Feed

Brenda Cuby

TGF showcases the best green, organic, natural products to help you make the right choices for you and your family. Brenda and her team offer courses and 1-2-1 support in helping you make further eco choices which are easy to implement and allows you and your family to show your support for the environment. Brenda's site

Catherine Conway

Catherine set-up Unpackaged in 2006 as the world’s first modern zero waste shop, which has since developed into a leading consultancy with clients such as Waitrose and Planet Organic. Catherine’s passion for developing refill and reuse systems within various food sectors has enabled many businesses to create real and lasting change. Catherine's Instagram

Chris Wilkie


Chris is a co-founder of Plan Zheroes, an organisation inspiring businesses to donate surplus food to charities. Their online platform enables businesses to notify local charities whenever they have surplus food. They also coordinate twice-weekly surplus food collections at Borough and King’s Cross Markets, facilitating donations from traders to charities.

Claire Carter

Claire is passionate about helping people tackle food waste, food poverty and climate change with her no nonsense, seasonal family recipes. This year, she and her family have been on a journey towards zero waste and are enjoying embracing a simpler life. Claire's site

Dean Pearce

Zero Waste Week Ambassador Dean Pearce Dean is a Business Development Manager at SWRnewstar, where he worked with the likes of First Group, Facebook, YHA and the NHS to design and deliver sustainable waste management solutions.  He previously worked with the largest collector and recycler of food waste, where he co-authored “Vision2020: UK roadmap to zero food waste to landfill” project.  He has been a regular speaker, panellist and awards judge at industry events and conferences on the issues of waste and resources. Dean's Twitter Feed

Dhiran Chauhan

Chartered resource and waste manager with over ten years working with local authorities. Experienced in Waste Collection Operations, Environmental Awareness and Business Development. A pragmatic professional with a masters in Environmental Science from University of Leicester. Promotes realistic solutions in eliminating and reducing waste and carbon emissions. Dhiran's LinkedIn

Dr Marcus Gover

Marcus Gover has worked in the environment sector for over 25 years and has been Chief Executive Officer of WRAP since 2016.  WRAP is an independent charity working with governments, businesses and citizens to improve the way natural resources are used and specialising in the sustainability of food, plastics and clothing. Marcus' Twitter feed

Frankie Jacklin

Frankie has one Daughter and is Grandma to three Grandsons. Recently retired from a long career in Finance she started blogging about family life, travel and “Ways to live a little Greener”, with blogs on topics like Natural Cleaning tips and How to Reduce Plastic Waste. Frankie's site

Helen McGonigal

Helen is a mum of three from County Durham, Writer and Early Years Teaching Assistant. She blogs about parenting, cooking, the environment and children's literature at Spot of Earth. Helen's family have been on a journey towards zero waste since discovering and participating in Zero Waste Week in 2015. Helen's site

John Adams

Zero Waste Week Ambassador - John Adams John Adams is a stay at home dad with two daughters, Helen aged 11 and Izzy aged 8. John writes influential fatherhood and parenting blog A country boy at heart, John is passionate about the environment and goes out his way to teach his children how to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle.  John's site

Katie Desborough

Katie is a family lifestyle blogger at Living Life Our Way. She places a strong emphasis on green living, inspired by her 12 year old daughter, who is a born eco-warrior! They are on an ongoing journey to reduce their waste, one step at a time. Katie's site

Laura Tweedale

Zero Waste Week Ambassador - Laura Tweedale

Laura Tweedale is a freelance writer based in Cheshire, England. After suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum whilst expecting her son, Laura was left with a hypersensitivity to synthetic fragrances that revolutionised how her family live. She now writes regularly about the joy found in sustainable living. Her first book will be published in October 2020.

Laura's site

Liz Pearson Mann

Zero Waste Week Ambassador - Liz Pearson-Mann

Liz writes about sustainable and resourceful ways of living: ways to be rooted in landscape, traditional culture and crafted goods produced with natural materials. As an archaeologist, she believes there's much you can do with knowledge and skills honed and passed down through generations: a past-future fusion for sustainable living. Liz's site

Shane Jordan

Zero Waste Week Ambassador - Shane Jordan Shane Jordan is a plant-based chef who specialises in creating waste-reducing recipes that minimises food waste. He is also the author of the highly successful book the Food Waste Philosophy, a unique book that documents his journey into cooking, reducing food waste and educating the public about sustainability. Shane's twitter feed

Tom Briggs

Zero Waste Week Ambassador - Tom Briggs Tom is a father of three and has been blogging about parenting and lifestyle topics at the multi-award-winning Diary of the Dad for 10 years. Brought up to respect the world we live in and reduce, reuse, recycle, Tom is determined to pass this on to the next generation. Tom's site

Veronica Broomes

Zero Waste Week Ambassador - Veronica Broomes

Veronica Broomes is a Consultant on Sustainability and a Business Coach. Her experience includes conducting sustainability audits and assessing grants application for local food projects. Veronica has helped community organisations strengthen initiatives to reduce food waste, improve recycling and is a strong advocate of improving efficiency in resource use. Veronica's LinkedIn

Yen-Van Tran

Zero Waste Week Ambassador Yen-Van Tran

Yen-Van Tran is a minimalist, and an architectural designer who likes to share her life hacks designs. She started her zero waste journey to create a life that was simple and environmentally responsible. She is also involved with the ASPCA, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Yen-Van's site

Zoe Morrisonzoe morrison zero waste week ambassador

  Zoe is an eco-friendly money-saving blogger and author. In 2011 she wanted to quit her job to become a stay at home mum. She asked herself, how could her family spend less and be eco-friendly? Zoe saved lots of money in eco-friendly ways and quit her job a year later! Zoe's site