Anna’s ZWW – Day 4

Climate change in your bathroom! This is the biggest struggle for me.

I seam to accumulate packaging in the bathroom. The best thing I did in my efforts at greening up our home was to put a recycling container on my landing so that it saved me time sorting out the bathroom bin.

Last year, inspired by the Zero Waste Week Challenge on Day 3, I cleared out my bathroom cabinets that were bulging with stuff. Long ago, I made sure that I was trying to buy recyclable or compostable stuff, but I ma not sure how we accumulated the sheer volume of it. I feel the teen years birthday and Christmas presents may have been largely responsible.

A while ago, our present buying switched from ‘stuff’ to ‘experiences’ so that we are giving each other time rather than physical things, so the accumulation has lessened over the years, but even a year later, I still feel we’ve got an excess. I’ve given loads of stuff away so it is not just me trying to use up stuff, and I don’t think I’ve bought any new toiletries from last September to this. I’m planning to keep this up until everything has gone and I’m down to my last bar of soap.

Ironically, as I tried to move from a Zero Waste (but recycling is ok) kind of lifestyle to a life of less consumption, I switched to solid shampoo and conditioner and bar soap for me, and 5-litre-refillables for visitors. But I did that without first looking at what I already had until I actual did that audit a year ago yesterday. Using up what we’ve got really needs to be the first step on the Zero Waste Week path – and even I forgot that one, so I’m making amends now!

The situation is finally close to being under control!

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