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how to three rs help prevent climate change

7 ways reducing waste can help tackle climate change

By Rachelle Strauss / January 4, 2019 /

  Scientists have said that we have 12 years to stop climate change. Sounds pretty daunting doesn’t it? Fortunately, one of the simplest ways to do this is to live a less wasteful lifestyle, so you’re already on the right track! Let’s dig a little more deeply into how reducing waste can help tackle climate…

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How to recycle plastic fruit punnets and meat trays

By Rachelle Strauss / February 2, 2016 /

Zero hero Claire (who lives in the area of Wokingham Borough Council) wrote “My local council is pretty minimalist when it comes to what we can recycle. What I find most difficult is the plastic trays you get meat in and the plastic tubs you get fruit in.

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Sue’s savoury bread and butter pudding

By Rachelle Strauss / November 7, 2015 /

Sue contacted me this week to share a family favourite recipe. I think you’ll agree it’s a great crowd pleaser and can be adapted to use up all sorts of things from the cupboard and fridge. Sue wrote: “I thought you might like my recipe for using up leftovers – savoury bread and butter pudding.…

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Three ways to use up bread crusts

By Rachelle Strauss / May 23, 2014 /

Over on our Facebook page, Anne Marie shared these tips for using up bread crusts. But why should we bother?

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12 ways to eat like a King on a budget

By Rachelle Strauss / February 23, 2014 /

Zero Waste Week is all about doing our bit for the environment whilst benefiting financially. With the average household throwing away £50 of food per month, it’s time to fill our bellies, not our bins.

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Mrs Green’s favourite smoothie recipes

By Rachelle Strauss / February 9, 2014 /

You can’t beat a smoothie for getting your day off to a great start. I love them because you can use up fruit you might otherwise throw away, you can a smoothie for pennies and they are a healthy and satisfying breakfast for people who can’t face a big meal.

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Win prizes by taking the survey!

By Rachelle Strauss / September 9, 2013 /

Thanks so much for taking part in zero waste week. I’ve put together a short survey which I’d love you to participate in. Click here to take survey By participating in the survey, you could be in with a chance of winning a great prize, so please do take time to answer all the questions!

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Food Waste Friday – week 11

By Rachelle Strauss / August 30, 2013 /

Welcome to Food Waste Friday. Originally inspired by Kristen, at The Frugal Girl, I’m back on the bandwagon of photographing my food waste for the world to see.

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Ten cheeky cherry recipes

By Rachelle Strauss / August 29, 2013 /

This week I managed to get some delicious fresh cherries from our local organic farm shop. But you know how it is – life tends to get in the way of some of your plans.

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Top tips for reducing food waste from a 7 year old

By Rachelle Strauss / August 19, 2013 /

It was Elliott Heap’s enthusiasm to encourage his parents to recycle more that led to his family taking part in a two-week recycling challenge for an ITV1 documentary, ‘Throwaway Britain’, which was broadcast on 1st August.

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