Banish UFOs from your freeze and reduce food waste!

Hands up who has to deal with UFOs on a daily basis?

No, I’m not talking about brightly lit humming dishes that fly through the sky, but Unidentified FROZEN Objects that lurk in the freezer.

We’ve all done it.

We’ve dutifully saved something from landfill by freezing it for later use, only to rescue it from the bowels of the frozen shelves three years later suffering from freezer burn.

All we’ve done is delay the inevitable and into the bin it goes.

Or we’ve decided to do the right thing and ‘Use it up!’ only to pull out various bags and boxes from the shelves that are unlabelled and spend the next five minutes wondering what it is.

If you’re anything like me you then stuff the mystery object back in the freezer, not wanting to risk chocolate sauce on your roast dinner or gravy on your fruit pie.

Then three years later … You get the picture.

So as we’re gearing up for zero waste week 2013, let’s all make a pact.

Let’s become champion labellers of all things frozen.

Let’s be domestic Gods and Goddesses of the frozen realms.

Let’s banish UFOs from our freezers once and for all in a bid to reduce food waste.

I’ve found these lovely Printable Freezer Labels & Pantry/Freezer Inventory Lists to help you, so there are no excuses. The come from Bekah’s “Pinch a little, save a lot” site where she shares her tips on saving money and living beautifully. It incorporates all of her favorite things – do it yourself projects, organising, couponing, yummy recipes and printables and it’s well worth a look.

Over to you; are there any UFOs in your freezer you’re going to eat?

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