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Accidental savoury bread and butter pudding

I had about 15 eggs here at zero waste towers the other week, and there’s only so much cake you can eat, so I put my creative mind to good use and came up with this yummy “use it up!” meal. It’s great because you can use up old stale bread, milk, cheese or cream…

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Vegan shepherds pie

This is my remix on a Shepherds pie – it’s pretty inauthentic but it’s a firm favourite! A traditional shepherds pie is made with lamb mince, fried onion and gravy, topped with mashed potato. It might have a small amount of peas or finely diced carrots in it. This recipe is vegan, using puy lentils…

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Frugal 'green' soup

This is a great recipe for using up all the odds and ends of vegetables, including things some people might normally throw away such as the green ends of leeks, broccoli stalks and the outer sprout leaves. As you might guess, these ingredients are rough as it depends what you have to have to use…

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Ready Steady Cook Pasta!

I used to be a huge fan of Ready Steady Cook, where chefs and a member of the audience had to knock up a meal in 25 minutes. It goes to show that fast food doesn’t have to come in a black plastic tray! This afternoon, Little Miss Green appeared sleepy eyed in search of…

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Molly's Dustbin Bread

If you want a really rubbish recipe, look no further than Molly’s Dustbin Bread. The name comes from its amazing ability to save things from the dustbin and is a very basic cheese scone-type mix baked in loaf tin

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Candy As Sweetener

What to do with all these bags of donated candies around the holiday season, starting by Halloween overload? I have considerable experience in the conjury of long lasting mystery sweets.

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