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Gemma's simple banana cake

I’ve been taking part in Zero Waste Week and today I found a couple of overripe bananas at the bottom of the fruit bowl…So I made banana cake! I use this really simple banana cake recipe from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible. It literally takes 5 minutes to make the cake mixture!

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Use it up! Pakoras

Tonight I made Pakora with a bag of out of date spinach which was just begining to wilt. Use any vegetables that you have shrivelling in the bottom of the fridge. Just cut the vegetables into slices, or shred according to their density. Remember that courgettes will cook a lot quicker than chunks of carrot.…

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Serial Cereal Fruit Turnover.

When boxes of cereals, crunch, flakes or granola type of dry breakfast accumulate, it becomes necessary to use up the bits and bags before it becomes rancid and noxious. Here is a way to make use of those neglected cupboard hoarders and various lonely fruits.

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Don't forget the birds! Use it up Fatballs recipe

A stock-take of our store cupboards earlier this week revealed a startling number of packets of dry goods like nuts, seeds, beans and dried fruit, with only a handful of their contents left. So I begged some lard from a non-veggie work colleague and turned some of the left-over nuts, seeds and dried fruit into…

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