How to waste less and enjoy more during Lockdown

We are living in an intense time in history.

With Cornavirus at the forefront of everyone’s mind across the world, the headlines are dominated with stories about stockpiling, empty shelves and massive waste.

The first stories I became aware of were of people stockpiling toilet rolls and hand sanitiser.

As lockdown became inevitable, supermarkets struggled to keep up with demand as many people were panic buying and stockpiling foods such as rice, pasta, tins of beans and tinned fish..

This week I read that perfectly good fresh food was being thrown away – due to people’s badly thought out panic buying. I can only guess they didn’t know how to store it properly, so it was going to go off before it could be eaten.

Then I discovered that some councils have had to close household recycling centres and reduce kerbside collections.

When I received an email from Sarah saying she felt really scared and powerless, I knew I had to write this course.

Because we have a double-edged problem.

What if you can’t get food in the supermarket for a few days or weeks AND you have less opportunity to get rid of your household rubbish?

Not only do we need to make sure all food gets to a stomach rather than the bin, but now we need to maximise space in our bins as we might not get them emptied for a few weeks. All this on top of our new worries such as reduced income, health of loved ones, our own health and coping with isolation.

About Me

My name is Rachelle and I’ve been helping people just like you reduce their waste since 2008.

Back in 2004 I witnessed an event that was my wake-up call. I saw, first hand, the fragility of the environment we live in, how everything can change in an instant and I was scared about the future. You see I was caught in flash flooding where 100 people had to be airlifted to safety. It was the biggest airlift since World War II. Fortunately, all that was lost was possessions and livelihoods, but in that moment, as I stood with my three-year-old daughter in my arms and wondered whether I’d ever see my husband alive again I reached a conclusion: Everything I had been reading about climate change was happening. Not in 50 years’ time, but right now. Whether that was the right conclusion or not is beside the point; it was my catalyst for change and I decided to be part of the solution.

Since that moment, I’ve been working to reduce my family’s waste. And together with my partner in grime, Anna, we advise householders, businesses, schools and community groups to reduce theirs too.

Little did I realise that we’d be given the opportunity to live through another situation in which everything could change in an instant, thanks to Coronavirus!

So I understand how scary and uncertain this can be. And I’ve made it my mission to do my best to help you through this with the brand new…

Living Well During Lockdown course

Imagine how much easier it will be when:

  • You make the most of every item of food in your home, so you don’t have to face empty supermarket shelves
  • You learn to see your ‘rubbish’ in a completely different way
  • You come out of lockdown feeling resourceful, resilient and more creative
  • You’ve saved heaps of space not only in your landfill bin, but in your recycling containers too, so you never need to worry if you don’t get a kerbside collection (or two or three!)
  • You’ve used this time to take an extra step on your Zero Waste journey, so you can look back on your time in self isolation with a sense of accomplishment
  • You can look back on this time as a positive time where you learned new skills that have a positive impact on your finances and the environment
  • If you’re ever in a similar station again you’ll know exactly what to do, so that you’re not filled with overwhelm, dread or panic

Sound good?

I have even better news!

We’re all in this together, right? Many of us are taking a hit on our finances and so this course is offered to you on a ‘pay what you feel’ basis. I’ve bought together all the knowledge I’ve gathered over the past 12 years and packaged it into a concise, cohesive course that will teach you everything you need to know about being resilient in this time of adversity.

How the course works

Set over six modules, each lesson consists of a short video where I introduce the topic for that lesson There is a pdf download of everything discussed which I suggest you download and read after each video. It’s not a complete transcript, so you will need to listen to the videos as well to get the full benefit of the course.

Even though many of us have more time on our hands now, I know your time is precious so I’m sure you’ll appreciate that I’ve cut the waffle and excess padding so that you can get straight to the bits that work and start making progress immediately.

This course is about empowering you, so although I give suggestions, they are only the tip of the iceberg. My intention is that the videos stimulate your own thinking and awaken your creativity so that you add many more of your own ideas to suit your particular lifestyle

Just think how your life will change after you’ve completed this course: no more overwhelm, you’ll save money, waste less and if – heaven forbid – we should ever find ourselves in a similar situation again, you’ll feel resourceful, resilient and you’ll know exactly what to do..

Take a look below to see an outline of the curriculum:

Course Information

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How to waste less and enjoy more during Lockdown


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