Zero Heroes Food Waste Course

Food waste is a huge global problem, but at least it is one we all have the power to solve…

If you are reading this page, you’ve already decided that you want to take action to help solve this problem.

Maybe you’ve noticed how much food you throw away.

Maybe you want to save some money either just to make life easier day to day or to save up for something in particular.

Maybe you’re worried about the climate crisis and want to do something positive.

If so, this course is for you.

How the course works

The course is broken down into 20 short sections which give you a variety of learning methods, combining simple exercises, short video or audio files and helpful articles or links.

You can listen to the audio files while you’re walking the dog, or doing the ironing, or cooking or cleaning. You can do the exercises as a family or on your own. They are organised in a way that makes them fun to do with children or a group of adults.

With each session, I’ve written a few recap notes, and there are downloadable sheets that help with the exercises or act as reminders for the family.

I hope I’ve made this easy and manageable for as many people as possible with different demand on their lives. You are of course welcome to binge the whole course in one go. It will take around two and a half hours.

Even if you follow just some of the advice you should save yourself some money along with reducing your food waste. I hope the course also helps to alleviate some of that eco anxiety that is creeping into more and more lives.

There’s also my book, Leftover Pie: 101 ways to reduce your food waste, which you’ll find a useful addition to the course, and will give you lots of tips and recipes to help you waste less and make the most of your food.

About me

My name is Anna Pitt and I’ve written two books about waste reduction, one of which, Leftover Pie, was all about reducing food waste. I’ve been writing and speaking about waste reduction in schools, businesses, community groups or just outside Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s on a cold winter day in the run up to Christmas! And I love doing it.

But it isn’t really about the fact that I love it! Maybe that helps me to be good at it, but really it is about a massive global problem that scientists are telling us we only have a decade to fix before the consequences become dire.

There is a global goal that has been agreed to, that says we need to halve food waste by 2030. That’s just 10 years away.

I’m not going to ask you to go Zero Waste overnight. There’s no miracle cure. But there are so many ways that little by little we can chip away at the problem.  So I can help step by step path to make some serious progress along the path to Zero Food Waste and together we can certainly halve your personal food waste over the next few weeks. Imageine the money you’d waste if you left it until 2030! Crazy!

So, yes, let’s start now and get you on that journey.

The Zero Hero Food Waste Course

  • will take a look at why we waste food
  • will analyse your specific food waste worries
  • will show you how to plan meals and shop smart
  • will look at how to make the most of what you buy
  • and go through how to deal with unavoidable food waste and why it is important

Be part of the solution!

and at the same time benefit from

  • more money in your pocket
  • less waste in your bin

which can mean

  • more happiness
  • less stress

Let’s get started!

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