Why you’re still struggling to keep your home and conscience clean, despite your best efforts.

Do you feel overwhelmed when you walk down the supermarket cleaning aisle? Perhaps you suffer from analysis paralysis and come home empty handed and frustrated.

Do you find yourself buying too many cleaning products? Maybe you’ve got a guilty secret hoard in your home that you’ve never used. (It’s ok, I won’t tell anybody).

Are you concerned about the amount of packaging you’re throwing away or products you’re pouring down drains? After all, most products we use in our homes, eventually end up in the environment where they can cause untold harm.

About Me

My name is Rachelle and I’ve been helping people just like you reduce their waste since 2008.

Thanks to brilliant programmes like Blue Planet, more and more people want to learn how to make their own household cleaning products, so they can reduce their impact on the environment.

Packaging is ending up in the environment where it can cause devastation to wildlife. We’re pouring chemicals into our water and spraying them in the air – some of them with harmful side effects. We’re overwhelmed by the climate change message and don’t know where to start. We’re looking at Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds and wondering how everyone else seems to have more time to make things than we do!

Fortunately there is something simple you can do. It will take less than a few minutes a day to learn, a bit of experimenting and it will save you a load of stress, space, money and resources. You’ll feel good about yourself too – you know it feels empowering to learn new skills and take small actions. And it’s fun!


The ultimate Sparkling Superstars Course

Imagine what your life will look like when:

  • You have a handful of safe, effective cleaning products that you know work – with no harm to you, your family or the environment
  • You never have to dash to the shops to buy a cleaning product again because you can confidently make your own
  • The air in your home is less polluted and you no longer get headaches or streaming eyes when you clean
  • You’re feeling good about your choices, you’ve learned something new and you’ve got a skill that will last a lifetime

But you don’t need to wait to learn. I love to put the power back into your own hands. So right now, why not:

    • Go and grab a couple of household cleaning products from your stash and read some of the warnings and danger labels – what did you discover?
    •  Find an old cotton t-shirt and cut up into some reusable cloths. This can replace disposable kitchen towels and can just be added to your regular laundry.
    • Hop on Google and see if there is a refill station near to you for cleaning products – you’ll be surprised where these can turn up: health food shops, local independent stores, bulk refill shops, a local bakery perhaps…

You will find loads more ideas like this inside the Sparkling Superstars course.

How the course works

Set over 5 days, in each section you’ll get access to short videos and pdf printouts along with simple recipes to make. Throughout the course, you’ll learn to make basic and effective cleaning products for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and living areas.

You’ll discover how to shine your shower, get dazzling drains and wash your worksurfaces with products you make yourself.

I know you’re already busy with endless commitments, so I’ve cut the waffle and excess padding so that you can get straight to the bits that work and start making progress immediately.

This course will fast track you to a spotless, sparkling and squeaky clean home – all by harnessing the power of nature.

Just think how your life will change after you’ve completed this course: no more guilt, no more overwhelm, no more mistakes (I’ll make sure you learn from mine so you can get the results you need), you’ll save money, sleep easier at night, get a warm fuzzy feeling from doing the right thing, be an inspiration to others (who knows, this could lead to a new career for you as a kitchen table business), the benefits are endless.Take a look below to see an outline of the curriculum:

Course Information

Estimated Time: 5 days

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

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