Fancy a fry up? 15 ways to use up cooked bacon and sausages

I love getting questions from my readers as it’s a great excuse to get the old grey matter finding solutions.

But this time it’s MY turn to ask a question, which I put to my Facebook group.

I’m not much of a meat eater myself, but my daughter loves the occasional fry up!

I asked “My daughter loves the occasional fry up. If I can’t get to the butchers to buy the exact quantity I want, I’m left with cooked sausages and bacon to use up in meals throughout the week. She hates toad in the hole and quiche and I’m running out of ideas! What do you suggest?”

I was expecting one or two suggestions, but I received so many, I just had to share:

Use the freezer!

Charlie said “Could you freeze the uncooked meat? We have sausages and bacon in the freezer and I cook them from frozen.”


Several people suggested using the cooked meat in sandwiches such as bacon and avocado. And Sheena recommended putting leftover sausages in hotdogs.

Pasta bake

Amanda said “I tend to find pasta bakes a good way of using up cooked meat – pasta in a tomato sauce, any veggies that are a bit bendy, an onion, a clove of garlic and lastly any cooked meat chopped up and re-heated, all in a big pot 🙂 It’s good with cheese or breadcrumbs on top (which is also a good use for stale bread!)”

Kimberley is more of a cream-based sauce fan. She wrote “bacon can go in a creamy sauce or cheese sauce with pasta.”

Lucy shared “You can cut the cooked sausages into chunks to use in pasta or spaghetti (bit like meatballs)

Lyn wrote “Use up bacon in a spaghetti carbonara.”


Jacqui adds leftover meat to homemade pizza as a topping.

Make a hash of it

Sheena suggested “Sausage hash with new potato, sweetcorn and tomato relish.”

Comfort food

Jane wrote “fry onions, glove garlic, tin tomatoes and fresh basil. Serve with rice and sausages


Kimberley suggested sausage curry which she said was popular in her house!

Make a stew

Amy wrote “Sausage kale and sweet potato stew is really nice.”

Snack attack

Kimberley suggested “Sausage or bacon chopped small, mixed with mash potatoes and cooked in a pan to make ‘cakes'”

Warm salad

Lucy said “I make a nice salad with caramelised sausages, peppers & onions.Sheena likes her crisped up and scattered over potato salad.


Amy wrote “I like to stir meat through a paella dish.” Vicky adds her to risotto.

On a similar note, Erin wrote “We’ve done a rice and sausage dish where you use seasonings to make it a different meal – chipotle or BBQ (with sauce or just a seasoning blend).”


We have fajitas once a week, so I don’t know why I didn’t think of this. Sisi shared “We usually do tacos or burritos with our leftover meat

Add to soup

Laura wrote “Crispy bacon is good blitzed into crumbs and sprinkled over soups.”

Savoury muffins

Kimberley reminded us that “bacon muffins are yummy!” and of these make a fabulous breakfast on the go!


Several of our members  recommended adding cooked leftover meet to omelettes.

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