Celebrate Zero Waste Week with the Festival of repair!

Karen cannard from The Rubbish Diet promoting the festival of repair for zero waste weekKaren Cannard of the Rubbish Diet shares what she’s reusing for Zero Waste Week and why repair is such a great way to zero waste.

Whoop! Whoop, it’s Zero Waste Week – a real highlight in the national bin-slimming calendar. And I love this year’s them of Reuse. It’s much more than downright sensible. It can take you to all new levels of money-saving and creativity too, exploring hidden talents and local services that make the best (re)use of resources.

And in support of this year’s Zero Waste Week, I wanted to share my increasing love of repair and that warm glow of enjoyment that comes with making the things that you love last longer – in other words, REUSING them for longer.  My 11 year old was equally delighted last week, when I stitched up the belly of his ginormous cuddly panda as I was in repairing my favourite pants. Sometimes it isn’t enough to do it yourself though, as witnessed by my constantly reheeled boots that can only be helped by a cobbler. Should you ever look closely at the zips and you’ll see that that one has been replaced and repaired too. I love these boots and I love that each repair has saved me buying a new pair.

Down at Rubbish Diet HQ we’re so excited about repair that we’ve dedicated a whole month to celebrating it – and trying to make it easier, so we get more of those “Yes, we can fix it” moments and less having to buy replacements. And we’ve teamed up with Jen Gale from Make Do and Mendable to create a buzz that will help even more people move towards Zero Waste. We’ll be sharing repair stories, solving challenges and to explore the whole new wave of repair cafes and restart parties revolutionising the way we think about our ‘stuff’ across the UK.

Taking part in the Festival of Repair is easy.

  • Take the pledge to repair one thing in September.   Rae says this will count towards your Zero Waste Week halo.
  • Come along to any one of the festival events or come along to them all! They’re online and in your neighbourhood.
  • Share your repair knowhow – where are the best places to repair in your area?   Please take a minute to pop them into Jen’s great new Make Do and Mend Directory 


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