Food waste Friday take 2

Last week I got back on the Food Waste Friday bandwagon with Kristen, the Frugal Girl.

And what a good job I did.

Food waste Friday is a great way to keep yourself accountable for all the food waste you create in a week.

The aim is to have, well, nothing to show for your efforts I guess!

A big fat ZERO!

Sadly I DO have something to declare and it’s something that is a frequent visitor to the bin here at zero waste towers.

Cream cheese:

cream cheese food waste friday zero waste week

Pretty isn’t it?

Take a closer look at this beautiful blue coat it’s wearing:

food waste friday zero waste week cream cheese

I tend to use half a tub for some decadent Sunday pudding then promptly forget about the rest. Which is silly really because Little Miss Green loves smoked salmon and cream cheese or ham and cream cheese sandwiches and adding cream cheese to veggies creates a quick, simple and yummy pasta sauce for when time is running away with you.

We also had a couple of tablespoons of cream that went off. For some reason I find the organic cream goes off quicker than non-organic which baffles me as the organic milk lasts for ages.

Ho hum

What about you – any food waste this week?


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