Food waste Friday – Week 4

Welcome to the fourth “Food waste Friday”!

It’s that time of the week when I keep myself accountable by publicly confessing to food waste that is past its best.

The idea is that by taking a weekly inventory of waste it helps you gradually change wasteful habits.

This is great for the environment (food that is landfilled produced methane, a potent greenhouse gas). It’s great for my bank balance (the average household in the UK throws away £50 of food per month) and it’s good for your conscience (is it really ok to throw perfectly good food away when one in eight people across the world will go to bed hungry?)

This week I have an absolute sin to declare because it’s one of my favourite foods!

I eat an avocado most days and I have to say that the weather caught me out this week.

Temperatures soared to 30 degrees here last weekend and whereas I can usually eat half an avocado for breakfast and the remaining half in the evening with my dinner, this one had gone way past its best within a few hours.

I’ve since taken to storing the cut half in the fridge, you’ll be pleased to hear!

So here she is in all her glory; brown, sad around the edges and starting to sport a white fur coat:

moudly avocado - food waste friday

What about you – any food waste to report this week?

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