Food waste Friday – Week 8

Inspired by The Frugal Girl, every week I take part in Food Waste Friday where post up photos of food I’m wasting.

This helps keep me accountable and the goal is I’ll become SO accountable I’ll eventually end up wasting a big ZERO!

Why do I want to reduce food waste?

Well for a start it costs me money and who doesn’t want to save the pennies?

Second, I feel guilty. There is so much embedded energy in food from land use, transportation, storage, packaging that I don’t want to waste it.

Third, it’s a moral issue. How can I, in all conscience, pick, choose and toss things away when one in eight people go to bed hungry?

This week’s food waste is blamed on the hot weather (we all love to pass the blame, right?!)

I’d baked a batch of chocolate crunch but with soaring temperatures it got packed away in a tin and forgotten about. We’re more into fresh fruit and raw veggies when the sun is shining.

Then temperatures dropped this week and Mr Green was looking for a bit of comfort food – aka something chocolatey. I suggested he ate up the chocolate crunch, but sadly we were faced with this:





What about you – did you create any food waste this week?

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