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Thank you for your interest in Zero Waste Week.

Last year over 50 local authorities signed up and a dozen of them actively promoted the week in their local communities and on social media. Up in North East Lincolnshire, Andy was out and about with the council Waste and Recycling trailer with an advisor from their Home Energy Team to meet residents.

They encouraged residents to pledge something towards Zero Waste week and were there to show residents how to save money and help the environment by using less energy in the home.

Zero Waste For Local Authorities

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In Winchester, their City Council held a CD/DVD/Book swap in the staff refreshment area.

Departments were encouraged to hold a corporate clear out with surplus folders and stationery being distributed to the new students at the city university. Winchester Guildhall took the opportunity to clear out used furniture and other items, some of which found new homes during the week!

Many more exciting events such as ‘repair cafés, smoothie bikes, roadshows, meals made from ‘waste’, swap events, and art projects’ also took place during the week.

In response to one of our most popular questions, I've created a free resource for local authorities.

It shares ideas and resources while answering the question "What simple activities could you recommend we do to encourage our residents to reduce their landfill waste?

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