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Tell us about yourself


When did you start your Zero Waste journey?


Many people are put off when they hear the term ‘Zero Waste’ because they think its an impossible goal. Tell us what Zero Waste means to you.


When you began your Zero Waste journey, what was the very first step you took?


Tell us about your funniest Zero Waste disaster.

What’s been your biggest struggle and how did you overcome it?

Some of the arguments against joining the Zero Waste Movement include “Recycling doesn’t actually get recycled, there will soon be more plastic than fish in our seas, we can’t make changes without political will…” How do you respond to this?

What’s the most rewarding part of your Zero Waste journey?

Is there some new Zero Waste action or idea that you are trying out now?

What Zero Waste item do you never leave home without?

How do you stay motivated to continue your Zero Waste journey?

We can all dream, right? You’ve been granted power to bring in a new law surrounding waste and recycling, what would it be?

Tell us your guilty confession! What’s the one thing you still buy even though it’s bad for your bin?

Recommend to our readers the following:
• one book
• one documentary
• one blog or social media channel
• one local or online Zero Waste shop

Imagine someone is just starting on their own Zero Waste journey. What would your number one piece of advice be to get them started and feeling like they’re making a difference?

Finally, fill in the blank: You know you’re a Zero Waster when ___________________