Getting down and juicy – zero waste week day 4

UHT milk comes in them, orange juice comes in them. You can even get tomatoes and chick peas in them.

Oh yes and WINE!

What am I talking about?

Well Tetra Pak cartons of course!

You stick mini ones in your kid’s lunch box, have a couple on the shelf of UHT products ‘for emergencies’ and you might even favour them for your tomatoes when camping because you don’t need a tin opener.

But aren’t cartons bad for the environment?

Well I used to think so too, but apparently not and they’re surprisingly easy to recycle!

In fact 91% of local authorities in the UK now offer carton recycling, with an impressive 57% collecting from kerbside.

The average person in the UK uses 25 one litre cartons a year, so let’s keep this valuable resource out of landfill in two simple steps:


Find your nearest Tetra Pak recycling facility and commit to using it.


Be a true zero hero by taking this one extra step: Wash ‘n’ squash your cartons before recycling – this means 3 times more cartons can fit into the same sized vehicle; which reduces emissions.

That’s it for today – simple, right? And if you’re looking for some carton reuse ideas, check out my Pinterest board – you’ll be glad you did. You’ll find everything you can imagine from plants pots to playhouses!

How far from home do you have to go to recycle cartons?

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