What is YOUR Zero Waste Week pledge for 2014?

This year’s Zero Waste Week theme is ‘One More Thing’.

I love this theme because it meets people where they are at.

If you’re a complete newbie then use the week as a reason to ditch the disposable carrier bag.

If you’re more experienced, is there a disposable items you could swap for a reusable one?

And if you’re a complete pro maybe this is your opportunity for a totally ZERO WASTE week!

Our blogging ambassadors have been busy making their pledges and they’re so diverse and inspirational I wanted to share them in the hope they will get your creative juices flowing.

So without further ado:
Anna says “I’m thinking of having another big clear out this summer, so maybe my pledge will be to mend any broken stuff that I find, and up cycle anything that I can’t throw away or recycle to turn it into something useful.”

Annie says “My pledge is to have a completely zero waste week”

Brenda has pledged “for the new office to recycle more than it does at the moment.”

Charlotte says “My pledge is to try and reuse materials we’d usually throw away, such as packaging, for family games and crafts”

Emma Hunt pledges “Not to buy any clothes or shoes for the whole family for a month. Disposable fashion means we buy clothes all the time.”

Emma Northcott says “My pledge is to use less plastic everyday items in our house.”

Gina says “My pledge for Zero Waste Week is to reduce our food waste any way that we can.”

Grace says “Sort through my freezer, actually eat all the leftovers that are stored in there, and find new ways to use up spare food lying around in the fridge etc.”

Jen says “I’m going to take a deep breath, pull on my big girl pants, and go for Zero Waste for Zero Waste week-eeeeekk!”

Jo says “I pledge to reduce food packaging waste”

Joy pledges to buy food for a week without packaging

Karen pledges to give someone a one-to-one helping hand to reduce their waste for Zero Waste Week.  She’s helping Laura slim her bin 🙂

Kate pledges to Raise awareness of the importance of reducing waste

Kirsty says “I am pledging zero food waste. I’ll be sharing great recipes for using leftovers and making the most of what people usually throw away. I will also be sharing homemade recipes which inevitably reduce waste of packaging from shop bought foods.”

Lindsay pledges to “send nothing to landfill during Zero Waste Week.”

Liz says “To reduce waste in daily lunchboxes by ditching the individually packed items and buying in bulk, using washable containers, reusable bottle etc ”

Lucy Aitkenread pledges “to eliminate non recyclable packaging in our lives!”

Lucy Stableford-Grieve says “I pledge to reduce the amount of water we waste as a household.”

Penelope says “Our Pledge is to keep our kitchen bin empty all week. To be totally zero waste.”

Polythene Pam says “We are going to create no food packaging waste at all for a week nothing not even stuff that can be recycled. No tins no jars.”

Sarah has decided “Non-recyclable food packaging (think crisps and penguin biscuits) is our nemesis, so that’s what it shall be! No snacky packaging waste for us for a week.”

Trudi says “I have pledged to tackle food waste in terms of what we discard from fruit and veg – peelings, pips, cores, stems – and working out easy, practical things you can do with them rather than throwing them away.”

Wendy says “I pledge to further reduce my food waste!”

Westy Writes says “I will tackle a topic per blog post. For each one I will choose an area that I have procrastinated on in terms of working towards zero waste eg learning to make my own pastry and signing up to the Rubbish Diet. ”

Zoe says “I pledge to try to throw nothing in the bin during the week (not counting waste created by other members of my household).”

What about you – will you join one of our blogging ambassadors or do you have an idea of your own you’ll be pledging?

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