How to have a zero waste Easter

easter bunnyThe Easter Bunny is on her way.

Yes, in a month’s time (Easter Day is on 20th April 2014 in case you’re wondering) she’ll be hopping into home and gardens leaving eggs and treats as she goes.

But did you know we create 4,500 tonnes of extra waste from the foil and card in our Easter egg packaging alone, in the UK?

While we don’t want to dampen the spirits of chocolate and bunnies across the land, we can all take tiny steps towards a waste-free Easter

Zero Waste Easter cards

If you send cards, look for ones made from recycled materials, are tree free or why not send e-cards?

Easter egg packaging

Easter eggs are notorious for leaving a trail of waste packaging; although it is getting better.

Some brands offer eggs in just foil which can be recycled and are without the moulded plastic which ends up in the bin.

Vote with your money and support the brands that are doing their bit to reduce waste packaging.

Easter lunch

If you’re making a celebratory lunch see what you can buy locally in your own containers and bags.

A trip to the farmers market and local farm shop should kit you out with most things with the minimal of packaging.


Flowers are a beautiful way to decorate your home over the Easter holidays, but many travel thousands of miles across the globe and end up wrapped in plastic wrapping.

See if a local florist or garden shop will sell loose flowers wrapped in paper. You can then recycle the paper.

SOME cellophane is compostable, so raise awareness by asking your florist what they use.


Once the festivities are over, remember to recycle the foil and cardboard from your eggs, and any cards you receive.

What about you – how do you celebrate Easter without creating too much landfill waste?

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