I'm an Eco trailblazer!

zero waste week in prima magazineWhat do a couple of painters and decorators, a traveller, an experience host and me have in common?

Well according to Prima Magazine, we’re five women who are at the cutting edge of new trends!

One of their writers contacted me at the beginning of the year to say I would be perfect for a feature she was writing on “women blazing a trail!” And at the beginning of January I spent a couple of hours being photographed for Prima which provides “real life guidance, inspiration and ideas to simplify the lives of modern women today.”

I love to think of myself as a trailblazer, but in all honesty I see myself as following in the footsteps of our grandparents generation; where resources were valued and preserved.

The other ladies were certainly inspiring:

Alissa is passionate about giving tourists and authentic local adventure. You know how it is when you’re on the tourist trail; you rarely get to experience ‘real life’ situations or immerse yourself in the culture.  As an experience host for Airbnb, Alissa is all about treating tourists like a local and showing them things they would never find on their own.

Lesli is a ‘digital nomad.’ At 58, she’s stepping away from stereotypes, and, along with her rescue dog, Chelsea, has taken to the road. Together they’ve travelled 10,000 kms through Europe in a campervan. She has a zest for life and a fantastic outlook on living life to the full.

Hannah and Jane set up the fantastically-named “Primer Donnas”. With paintbrushes in hand, they’re decorators from South Manchester. I love that they, too, are questioning stereotypes, by being successful in what is traditionally, a male trade.

Then there’s me – an “Eco Trailblazer” for my work in promoting, and campaigning for, the issues surrounding waste and sustainability.

If you’re interested in reading more these lovely ladies, do check out the April 2017 issue of Prima.

In the meantime, Prima have kindly allowed me to share the bit about me with you!

prima magazine features rachelle strauss from zero waste week

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