Now the carrier bag tax is here, what do you (re) use to line a wastepaper bin?

Mary contacted me this week with a question I think many of you are asking, now that we have a carrier bag tax in the UK.

She wrote “Having reused supermarket food shopping bags for years as pedal bin and wastepaper bin liners I really grudge the cost of having to buy liners for these 2 bins What can you re cycle to line pedal bins and wastepaper bins ? ”

My first thought was to issue Mary with a challenge! And I urge any of you looking for an answer to this question to do the same.

Take a look at the video to see my suggestions!

I would ask “What am I’m putting in the bin which results in me needing to line it at all?”

This does two things – first it determines whether we’re just doing something out of habit – after all, who says we need to line a waste paper bin? Are you falling prey to marketing or just following the habits you were bought up with?

Secondly, it forces us to take a good look at what we’re throwing away. If there’s food waste in there for example, this could be diverted to a compost bin, food waste collection or even encourage us to reduce food waste at source – it’s a win-win right? If you’ve diverted things like food waste and only have dry packaging in the bin, then it shouldn’t need lining at all.

As Lisa pointed out on our Facebook GroupWhenever you empty your bin, give it a wash. If it has a lid it shouldn’t smell to bad in between emptyings. Only use a small to medium sized bin and empty frequently.

Now if you have a particular set of circumstances at home which means there are unavoidable icky things going into the bin you could try reusing the following to line it:

  • Toilet paper wrapping
  • Newspaper – apparently there are tutorials online to actually make a ‘bag’ for this purpose
  • Charity shop bags that get pushed relentlessly through the door
  • Some of our Facebook community repurpose bread bags, cereal bag inners and even the large bags of multi pack crisps

What about you? What advice would you give to Mary?

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  1. Åsa Pamphilon on September 4, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    Although very little goes in my
    general waste bin and it is
    nornmally not messy, I dont understand the suggestion of using no bin liner, of any kind since how are the bin men and women expected to deal with it? Waste not in bags might end up elsewhere than in the bin lorry when emptied, especially if is windy + we only put a very small bag in our 180 l bin which the crew reaches down to collect, it imust be simpler than pulling the bin to the lorry and have it lifted up by the machine and emptied. Just a thought. I like the idea of using bread and toiletroll bags though. I already use charity bags.

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