Zero Waste Week: A Family Affair

Zero Waste Week: A Family AffairToday I’m sharing a guest post from Lisa, who tells us how Zero Waste Week is, a family affair!

Peering tentatively into our family fridge, I’m astounded by the amount of potential wastage we’d never question throwing away and it’s got my ‘foodie’ mind whirring. It is my objective this Zero Waste Week to not only use up all our fridge contents in imaginative (and hopefully delicious!) ways, but also to share our small contribution across the social web, raising awareness of the little effort we can all put in to make one big difference.

My son and I started the week in style, picking blackberries from our local farm to make into a calorific crumble. It was inspirational to see his little face as he selected the individual berries from the bushes and reminded me how important it is to connect our next generation with the beauty of natural produce and support of local businesses.

Zero Waste Week: A Family Affair

Kicking off Monday, I had a good forage in the fridge and cupboards and surprised myself with the treats I’ve been able to whip up. A slightly shrivelled corn on the cob, dregs of milk, scrapes of butter and a lowly egg have been transformed into some divine smelling cornbread muffins which will go lovely with the chilli con carne I have planned to use up some mince and onion lingering on the shelf.

Cornbread muffins for zero waste week from Lisa Boulden PR

On a roll, I dug out some rather stale tortilla wraps, opened and badly sealed by yours truly when making lunch at the weekend. Snipped up into small triangles, spritzed with oil and salt, baked for 5 minutes and we now have a huge pile of golden tortilla chips to dip in our chilli. The other half is going to be fed well tonight!

tortilla chips for zero waste week from Lisa Boulden PR

As loving owners of a Gambian Pouched Rat ‘rodent dustbin’, we already have a good food waste disposal plan, however, it has been my aim for a while now to ensure that ingredients she can eat are available before they start to turn. Whilst a rat does not need a crisp new pepper to eat, the floppy sad looking one at the back of the fridge is unsavoury even to her.

ruby the rat helping Lisa Boulden PR with zero waste week

A slightly different approach to Zero Waste Week, my son and I have made a milk bottle bird feeder. It bugs me how much perfectly good seeds and peanuts are dropped to the floor from traditional bird feeders and ours is definitely helping reduce this waste.

I’ll be capturing our efforts every day this week, so do check out my Twitter (@BouldenPR) and blog:

Good luck all!



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