For Schools – How to run your own successful sustainability and waste reduction campaign full guide


This comprehensive 43 page guide will enable you to run your own campaign or topic about sustainability and reducing waste within your school.

You’ll discover the crucial nine steps you need to follow to ensure a successful campaign, proven ideas for engaging staff, pupils, parents and the wider community, along with activities to try throughout your campaign and details about measuring impact.

If you prefer to receive this as an A4 spiral-bound guide in the post, please contact us for details.


Zero Waste Week takes place the first week in September, but we know that many schools want to run their own campaign or study sustainability as a topic throughout the year.

What ensures a successful campaign where participants are engaged, enthusiastic and committed to making a difference?

Due to popular demand, we’ve broken everything down into a comprehensive guide that will tell you everything you need to know from raising awareness, taking an audit, monitoring action and all the way to analysing results, we’ve outlined the crucial nine steps you need for a successful campaign.

Backed by over a decade’s experience of teaching in schools, this definitive guide contains everything you need to run a sustainability campaign of your own.

Also included are some wonderful free resources to get you started, including:

  • A handy checklist, so you can make sure you’ve completed every step.
  • A guide to wormeries – you can make your own as a class project.
  • The Recyclometer for calculating the value of recycling.
  • A food waste quiz to ascertain differences of opinion and attitudes to food waste among your students.
  • A quick quiz to recap and check students learning.

Here are some sample pages and worksheets:

sample pages and worksheets from schools full guide


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