For Businesses – How to run your own successful plastic waste reduction campaign full guide

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This 28 page downloadable booklet will enable you to run your own campaign about raising awareness of plastic pollution and reducing plastic waste.
You’ll discover the 9As of a successful campaign, proven ideas for engaging staff, over 20 ideas for activities to try throughout your campaign and details about measuring impact, plus two fantastic free bonuses.


Zero Waste Week takes place the first week in September, but we know that many businesses want to run their own campaign throughout the year.

But what ensures a successful campaign where participants are engaged, enthusiastic and committed to making a difference?

Due to popular demand, we’ve broken everything down into a comprehensive guide that will tell you everything you need to know from raising awareness, taking an audit, monitoring action and all the way to analysing results, we’ve outlined the 9As you need for a successful campaign.

Backed by over a decade’s experience of engaging audiences both on and offline, this definitive guide contains everything you need to run a successful campaign of your own.

Not only that but you get some fantastic free bonuses that will save you time on research and design:

You’ll get 7 images you can use on your social media channels, your intranet, or can print out for noticeboards. You’ll also get an infographic that shares 12 ideas you can implement at work to help your workplace reduce plastic waste.

1 review for For Businesses – How to run your own successful plastic waste reduction campaign full guide

  1. Shannon

    I bought this guide as I was given the task of running an event in our office. I thought I might learn one or two things, but I couldn’t believe what fantastic value for money it was. You don’t only get the guide, but you get some lovely unexpected free resources too. I highly recommend you buy one if you’re running a plastic waste campaign, it will save you tonnes of time, sorts the wheat from the chaff, gives you actionable guidelines and give you loads of inspiration.

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