Waste Less, Enjoy More during Lockdown


If you’re worried about when you’ll get to the shops again, concerned about when you’ll next be able to get supplies, overwhelmed by the idea that local councils may be reducing landfill collections and know you need to make the most of the resources you have during Coronavirus lockdown, you’ll love this course!

By the end of this course, you’ll feel confident about making the most of everything in your home. You’ll learn how to get the most from your food and you’ll be feeling upbeat and inspired – ready to turn your lockdown into a positive, creative experience!


You’re already worried about Coronavirus, so let’s take the stress out of a couple of things for you straight away:

Are you worried about when you’ll be able to get to the shops again?

It’s worse than that – when you finally get there and have queued for ages, there is hardly anything on the shelves!

And to top it all, household recycling centres are closed and kerbside collections are reducing – what are you going to do with all that rubbish when there’s no room in the bin?

Read about Louise Sears’ experience:

Louise and her husband have been really busy during lockdown, rebuilding a wall that had fallen down and reclaiming paths on their land!

When asked about the course, Louise said “I enjoyed all parts of the course. The food waste section was probably the most useful and I did enjoy watching your husband gets 6 month’s worth of waste in one bin, that was very impressive.

The food waste one prompted me to go through the pantry and reorganise it, I found baking powder that we had been looking for so that enabled us to do some baking and the birds are enjoying the stale cereals that were in there. 

Habits wise I have done more composting than I did and I am concious of using up the oldest food now and that is driving meal choices. 

I am also going through my cupboards and using things that I haven’t in the past, presents etc and using them as a treat and re- discovery during these times.”

Just imagine what lockdown could look like when:

  • You know how to make the most of your food, so if you can’t get to the shops, or the shelves are empty, you’ll be ok
  • You feel more resourceful because you’ve learned to make the most of the things you have
  • You know how to save space in your bin and recycling containers, so that even if you don’t get collections for a few weeks, you have plenty of room
  • You’re feeling good about your choices, you’ve learned something new and you’ve developed skills that will last a lifetime

Let me help you make the most of lockdown with this online course, so that you can come out of this time viewing it as a positive experience full of opportunities for a better way of living.

Here’s what Waste Warrior Vicki said:

“I felt that the course was very informal which helped me to take part. My favourite part was how to make space in my blue bin. This was an area I had not changed. The course helped to give me some ideas and reinforce some I am already doing.
I feel very happy to have taken part of this course. “

How the course works

Set over 6 sections, you’ll get access to short videos and pdf printouts which includes checklists for you to use. Throughout the course, you’ll learn some basic ideas that you can incorporate into your life during lockdown so that you waste less and get the most out of the things you have at home.

I know you’re already busy with endless commitments, so I’ve cut the waffle and excess padding so that you can get straight to the bits that work and start making progress immediately.

This course is for you if:

You don’t know when you might be able to get to the shops again, so you need to make the most of what you have

Every time you visit the shops, there’s nothing on the shelves!

You’re worried that your council has closed local recycling centres and is reducing waste and recycling collections – what are you going to do with all that stuff?

You’re looking for ideas on how to make lockdown a positive experience for you, your finances and your future.

This course is NOT for you if:

You’re not willing to go back to basics, think outside the box, compromise or try new things.

You’re looking for curated videos – I’m a ‘sit infront of the webcam and press record’ kinda girl. There is no editing; what you see and hear, is what you get!

You’re looking to be given every single idea. The role of this course is to sow seeds and inspire you to get creative.

What’s included in the price:

  • 7 videos explaining the content for each lesson
  • Downloadable sheets for you to fill in so you can track your progress
  • Access to a flipbook / ebook containing the notes of the entire course



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