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Resackel Reusable Shopping Bag – Made from 25 kg Rice Sacks

(5 customer reviews)


Grab one of these bags before they are gone forever. As far as we are aware, these are the only remaining ‘Resackel’ bags in the UK and the poppy design have sold out already.

Made from 25kg rice sacks, each one is unique.

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As far as we’re aware, we have the only remaining Resackel bags in the UK!

Made from 25kg rice sacks, these bags are reused, not recycled, so all the original designs from the sacks remain. This means every bag is unique and hand crafted.

In addition, the business is kept as environmentally sound as possible. No resource or energy hungry processes are used: the sacks are simply cleaned, cut and stitched. No chemicals or industrial process are used – the plastic is not shredded, broken down or made into pellets before use.

Here are some of the features we love about these bags:

1- Strong and durable (originally designed to carry 25kgs rice!)
2- Sturdy base means they stand up at the checkout for easy packing
3- Wipe clean
4- Comfortable handles
5- Compact when folded up

Please note: We cannot offer refunds on products -any perceived ‘flaws’ are unique features of these recycled products.


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Orange Tai Mei, Red jingzheng, Green panda, White five continent, Blue and white, Red poppy

5 reviews for Resackel Reusable Shopping Bag – Made from 25 kg Rice Sacks

  1. Avatar


    Just wanted to say a big thank you for the stylish Resackel bags, which arrived this morning. I can’t wait to go shopping now. I’m even considering giving one to my friend for her birthday. Although once she’s seen it she won’t be able to resist buying more herself. Keep up the good work.

  2. Avatar


    Just to say thanks the bags arrived this morning. Love the designs. One will be kept for using when we go to the beach as these will be ideal and it won’t matter if a little sand gets in as can easily be washed.

  3. Avatar


    oh my god, I LOOOOOOOVE my bags – thank you so much! Loads of friends ask about them, so I’ve just bought 4 more to give as pressies. Can’t wait to share!

  4. Avatar


    i just bought one of each to try them after a friend shared a link. Tehy arrived quickly, I loved the personal note and the bags are brilliant. So strong, fold up small, waterproof . i use one for swimming, one for my kids and have a couple in the car for shopping. So pleased, thanks x

  5. Avatar


    I have the cutest panda bag in the world – yay me! these are really sturdy and such great value for money. Except that my mum has run off with one – haha!

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