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If you’re spending too much money, worried about the future or just fed up with putting the bin out, this course is for you!

By the end of 31 days, if you follow all the steps, you could have reduced your household waste by 80% and be well on your way to saving over £1500 per year.


Why you’re still struggling with too much landfill waste, despite your best efforts.

Do you feel overwhelmed and guilty about the amount of stuff you throw away? Maybe you secretly chuck stuff in a black plastic bag and hope nobody will notice.

Do you find yourself throwing too much food away each week? In fact, it’s even worse than that, while you’re throwing away food, one in nine people across the world go to bed hungry.

Are you concerned about what the future holds for your children and grandchildren? After all, it’s predicted there will be food scarcity, water shortages, that we’re already eating plastics in our foods and we’re depleting finite resources.

Just imagine how it will feel when:

  • You no longer argue with your partner about who’s turn it is to put the rubbish out
  • You don’t panic if, for some reason, you don’t get a landfill collection one week, because there’s plenty of space left in your bin
  • You can look your children and grandchild in the eye and know you’re done your bit
  • You’re saving £1500 per year – what will you spend that on – a holiday? Home improvements? A retirement fund?

Here’s what Julia shared on Twitter:

Let me help you become a waste warrior the simple and quick way, in the comfort of your own home with this online course.

How the course works

Set over 31 days, each day you’ll get a five minute audio and a small challenge to complete. The course is designed to help you work smarter, not harder and I’ve deliberately made it short and to the point. Sure I could put together hourly audios, but I know you’re already busy with endless commitments. I know that you’ll appreciate I’ve cut the waffle and excess padding so that you can get straight to the bits that work and start making progress immediately.

What previous participants have said

helene marks - zero waste week waste warriors course studentHelene Marks:

Helene was already waste savvy and knew a lot about reducing waste, but still decided to take the Waste Warriors course. Her love of the Earth is fundamental to her attitude to life and a quote from the speech of Chief Seattle of the Suquamis – when the President of the United States offered to buy their land – had a profound effect on her. It was simply “Contaminate your bed and you will one night suffocate in your own waste.”

Although she didn’t reduce her landfill waste by much (her husband is a great one for litter picking when out and about!), she did pick up some new habits that are helping her reduce food waste, including a real understanding of portion control and serving meals from dishes, rather than plating up – which means leftover food is good to eat the following day.

Helene’s favourite section was “Cleaning you and your home,” where she was pleased to see a day dedicated to eradicating disposable wipes from our lives!

Helene shared lots of tips with me during the course such as ideas for sustainable decorations she’d found on Pinterest, the reminder that foodbanks are grateful for donations of carrier bags as well as tins and the suggestion that rhubarb and potatoes are brilliant crops for beginners to try. She also picked up a lot of ideas from our Facebook Group.

In summing up her experience, Helene wrote “This course is excellent for those embarking on their Zero Waste journey.  Facts and suggestions are put in a friendly and clear way, without any preaching or smugness, and the challenges are do-able and not daunting.

Jenny Hudson:

By following the steps in the course, Jenny has reduced her household landfill waste by 75-80% – in just a month.

By sourcing alternatives to her limited kerbside recycling facilities she’s able to recycle more. Jenny is more aware of her wants vs needs when shopping and is sourcing more products from refill suppliers and independent sellers.

Her favourite part of the course was taking part in the practical activities, such as the bin audit. She found these challenges made the course content more personal, relevant and demonstrated how much difference can be made through small changes.

Summing up her experience, Jenny said: “The Waste Warriors course is a great way to make a reduced-waste lifestyle a reality in a month.

The daily lessons are concise, informative, and thought-provoking.  The lessons are short and easy to fit into a busy schedule.

The course covers a wide ideas and suggestions of how to reduce waste, with lessons organised into topic areas.  It provides enough information in each lesson for the listener to get started and tailor the ideas to suit their needs.


Alex is the Recycling Project Officer at her local council. She took the waste warriors course to get hints and tips to share with residents when out and about, as well as ideas on things she could implement at work. Alex said the course provided great value for money and she took some of the ideas she’d adopted for work into her own home.

She wrote “I used to buy a lot of new clothing but now I go back though want I already have a choose new outfits out of it.

I also ran a ‘Swishing’ Event at work where staff bring in good condition clothes they no longer want and we swap them! The first event was a really great success and the next one is booked in for next month!

Susan Poku:

susan poku testimonial for zero waste week waste warriors online courseAlthough Susan is already doing a lot to reduce her waste, she still decided to take the course.

Her favourite parts of the course were about plastics in teabags (which she found so shocking she wrote about it on her own blog!) and the pets section (which she found insightful to apply to her cat.)

Since taking the course, Susan has started brewing tea without plastic, has found a way to make her cat more eco friendly and has learned more about Bokashi bins.
Susan commented that she found the different references given throughout the course a useful starting point to dig deeper into.

In summing up her experience, Susan said: “Thank you for this comprehensive course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was glad to see that I’m already implementing a lot of these points, areas mentioned, however there were always details that were very useful like realising that there’s plastic in tea bags… or that my cat sand isn’t compostable and I thought it was. It also made me realise that a lot of it can be transferred to my lifestyle here in Indonesia and that so many things can be tackled. You’re an inspiration Rachelle, keep up the great work.


Sue Dodson:

By the end of the course, Sue Dodson had an impressive 67% reduction in the number of items going into her landfill bin and was saving money.

She particularly valued the audio clips which helped her reconsider some of her current lifestyle choices and helped her think outside the box to see what else she could do in her immediate environment.

Throughout the course, Sue picked up hints and ideas and sourced new products such as buying plastic-free bags of nuts and dried fruit, making her own hummus to reduce plastic packaging and using her greengrocer more. She’s re-introduced habits she’d slipped out of, such as using ‘stayfresh’ bags in her fridge to extend the life of fruit and veg.

Sue has saved money, especially with regards to food waste.

And she reports that a side effect of taking the course is that her life is simplified, decisions are easier and she’s ‘decluttered her memory’.

When asked to sum up her experience, Sue said,

Rachelle has used her expertise to gently, but positively remind us that this is a valuable planet and we can ALL do ‘something’ – our ‘little bit’ – to respect what we have, do what we can (with what we have), while it is still possible to make a difference. And then she shows us how……
Completing the ‘Waste Warriors’ journey is a start. I would encourage anyone who cares about the future to sign up, listen to the audio clips, read the words, think about what they can and want to achieve personally – and change their life along the way.
I’ve enjoyed the course and clarified how I can help through examining my personal behaviour and buying habits – and I’ve saved myself money as well! What’s to lose?

amorel southwell - zero waste week waste warrior course participantArmorel Southwell:

Armorel Southwell shows us, that even if other household members aren’t on board with your Zero Waste goals, you can still make progress and reduce your impact on the environment.

As a vegan, Armorel’s food waste was pretty minimal, but she’s still managed to save a little money by being more vigilant regarding food waste. For example, she’s now turning her vegetable peelings into what she temptingly calls ‘Pig Swill Soup’!

As a result of completing the course, Armorel is taking her own container to the butcher (She buys meat for other members of her family) which has helped reduce plastic packaging – both the plastic bags used to put meat in and then the carrier bag. Her local butcher also sells loose vegetables, where she can buy foods like mushrooms in her own containers.

She found the audios were her favourite part of the course because it lent a more personal feel. When asked to sum up her experience of taking the Waste Warriors Course, Armorel said,

I wanted to take the course to improve and ‘tweak’ some areas of waste reduction.  I find Rachelle’s approach very encouraging as she focuses on what we can do and does not make one feel guilty about what cannot be done  because of individual circumstances.

The links to other websites were also very helpful and I particularly enjoyed the ‘audios’ which, I felt,  gave a personal and ‘light’ touch to what could be quite a dry subject. (I, personally, find rubbish endlessly fascinating!!!!)

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to ‘do their bit’.

Alison Maitland:

Alison enjoyed how the Waste Warriors course encouraged her to think differently, not only about waste, but in all aspects of living sustainably.

By the end of the course, Alison had reduced her bathroom waste by three quarters, and her kitchen waste by half. She was confident that when she revisited course lessons, there were further reductions to be made. Not only that, but she saved money too by swapping disposable items for reusable ones.

Here’s what Alison said:

This is a course that will get you thinking differently. I’ve discovered that much of what I throw away is not even necessary in the first place – there are alternatives that we maybe just haven’t thought of. It is saving me money as well as helping the planet.

Here’s an example. I have been looking for a cardigan in a particular colour. Can’t find one. Meanwhile, I have a good quality cardigan in a colour I don’t like that I never wear. But it didn’t occur to me to dye it…..till now. That might be obvious to you, but there will be other things in the course that you haven’t though of as we are all different

My kitchen is not huge and I am now thinking that my rubbish bin can be a small thing inside a cupboard, instead of a huge thing sitting on the floor, taking up loads of space – result!

I can certainly recommend this course.

Christelle Busset:

By slowly replacing products in the bathroom and kitchen as they run out with plastic free alternatives, using a recycling programme, signing up to a vegetable box scheme and taking her own containers to the shops, Waste Warrior Christelle has reduced her waste by over 50%!

Taking the course has encouraged Christelle to think differently. She now thinks twice before buying a product to consider whether it can be recycled or not.

When summing up her experience, Christelle said “For the past 2 years I’ve been trying to research how to reduce my waste. The Waste warrior course opened horizons I didn’t have knowledge of. we are not perfect and I think it’s a difficult aim but every little step makes the overall waste bin reduced. You can’t change everything at once and I did the course over 5 months instead of 30 days to be able to introduce sustainable change around the house. Will go back to it from time to time as I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few facts! I recommend it to anybody willing to make a change even if it’s just one thing. The course is non judgmental and you learn a lot.”


Katharine is the perfect example of how there is always room for improvement, even if you’re a long way down the Zero Waste path. Despite only having a small amount of landfill waste and already being pretty frugal, Katharine managed to save money and reduce her landfill further.

She says “I was already a bit of a waste warrior so had a small amount going into my landfill bin but I’ve reduced this further by switching to hankies instead of tissues and finding a local Terracycle scheme to recycle cat food pouches. I’m also going to gradually find reusable items to replace disposable ones. I’m pretty frugal already but I’ve wasted less food by serving from the pot rather than dishing out and I’ll continue to do this.”

When asked to sum up her experience, Katharine said “Thank you for this comprehensive course which I really enjoyed. I was glad to see that I’m already a waste warrior and taking a lot of action to reduce waste. However I got lots more zero waste ideas and more of a zero waste mindset when buying items.”


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