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If you’re curious about making your own household cleaning products, overwhelmed about what works and doesn’t work or just fed up with not knowing what’s in your shop-bought products, you’ll love this course!

Within 5 days, you’ll feel confident about making simple, every day household cleaning products. You’ll learn how to get a spotless, sparkling and squeaky clean home – all by harnessing the power of nature.

You’ll be saving money, space, stress and resources!


Why you’re still struggling to keep your home and conscience clean, despite your best efforts.

Do you feel overwhelmed when you walk down the supermarket cleaning aisle? Perhaps you suffer from analysis paralysis and come home empty handed and frustrated.

Do you find yourself buying too many cleaning products? Maybe you’ve got a guilty secret hoard in your home that you’ve never used. (It’s ok, I won’t tell anybody).

Are you concerned about the amount of packaging you’re throwing away or products you’re pouring down drains? After all, most products we use in our homes, eventually end up in the environment where they can cause untold harm.

Just imagine what your life will look like when:

  • You have a handful of safe, effective cleaning products that you know work – with no harm to you, your family or the environment
  • You never have to dash to the shops to buy a cleaning product again because you can confidently make your own
  • The air in your home is less polluted and you no longer get headaches or streaming eyes when you clean
  • You’re feeling good about your choices, you’ve learned something new and you’ve got a skill that will last a lifetime

Let me help you become a Sparkling Superstar the simple and quick way, in the comfort of your own home with this online course.

Thanks to brilliant programmes like Blue Planet, more and more people want to learn how to make their own household cleaning products, so they can reduce their impact on the environment. Which is why we’ve launched this Zero Waste cleaning course.

How the Zero Waste cleaning course works

Set over 5 days, in each section you’ll get access to short videos and pdf printouts which includes notes and simple recipes to make. Throughout the course, you’ll learn to make basic and effective cleaning products for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and living areas.

You’ll discover how to shine your shower, get dazzling drains and wash your worksurfaces with products you make yourself.

I know you’re already busy with endless commitments, so I’ve cut the waffle and excess padding so that you can get straight to the bits that work and start making progress immediately.

Here’s what Sparkly Selina had to say!

Selina Mills testimonial for Zero Waste Week sparkling superstars online courseI’ve just binge watched your whole course and I loved it.

I loved your washing machine and oven tips and my toilet could definitely be cleaner so am going to try your tips for that.

I’ve been following what you do for a few years now and although I’m long in the tooth and have been trying to live as sustainably as possible for many years, every little new tip is worth its weight in gold.

The videos are short and manageable, to the point and entirely practical. Just what you promised. Thank you so much for packaging so much relevant and important info into a short course.

Selina Mills, Wellbeing Coach & Clutter Consultant

And there’s more

I’ve been cleaning my home with some homemade products since the turn of the century. I’ve had plenty of time to make mistakes and hone recipes so that they work. This course adopts a ‘less is more’, simplified approach, stripping back the excess and getting back to basics.

You can be forgiven for thinking you need a huge range of products to clean your house: one to clean the floor, one to clean the bathtub, another for the kitchen sink, specialised ones for countertops, formulas for glass, different ones for polishing wooden furniture, and yet more for drains and ovens. But you really don’t need all these different products. I use one simple household ingredient to clean countertops, sinks, the bathtub and hob, and it’s so safe you can eat it!

You’ll discover some of the products already in your kitchen cupboards that can keep your home clean, along with some simple ingredients that are readily available in local shops and online.

My no nonsense, down-to-earth approach teaches exactly how to get the best out of the products you make, sharing common sense secrets about cleaning that you might not have come across before.

Find out what Daniela said:

Since taking the course Daniela is saving money by no longer buying so many cleaning products. She says “This course really made me happy by offering so many cleaning solutions in different areas of the house. Beyond the fact that they are environmentally friendly, they are also cheap and healthy and very simple. I really enjoyed this course!

Worried the course will be difficult?

Heather Stabler took our Sparkling Superstars Course and loved the handouts so that she can refer back and keep using them.

She picked up a handy tip about bicarbonate of soda that she’s still using every day!

If you’re worrying about whether you’ll be able to utilise this course, Heather is here to reassure you. She says “Thank you for a useful introduction to making my own cleaning products. It’s really not difficult and I hope more of us can learn to do it.”

This course is for you if:

You’re interested in making your own household cleaning products but don’t know where to start.

You’ve dabbled with your own cleaning products but are feeling overwhelmed or confused about products that don’t work.

You want someone to talk you through the basics of making every day products that cover the majority of regular cleaning jobs.

You’re after a down-to-earth common sense approach that cuts out the excess and gets down to basics.

This course is NOT for you if:

You’ve already made some of your own effective household cleaning products which you’re happy with. This course is for beginners, so you probably won’t learn anything new and I’d hate to waste your time!

You’re looking for curated videos – I’m a ‘sit infront of the webcam and press record’ kinda girl. There is no editing; what you see and hear, is what you get!

You’re looking for videos that walk you through each step and show you how to make things. I describe what to do (all recipes are super simple), and it’s all written down in the notes, but there are no ‘how to’ videos in this course.

What’s included in the price:

  • 18 short videos explaining the content for each lesson
  • Downloadable notes for each lesson containing information and recipes for you to make yourself
  • Access to a 37 page flipbook containing the notes of the entire course

This course will fast track you to a spotless, sparkling and squeaky clean home – all by harnessing the power of nature.


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