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This is how…

rachelle strauss zero waste week campaigner


I’m Rachelle Strauss, founder and driving force behind Zero Waste Week.

And the go-to girl for the British media on all things waste reduction.

(The BBC, the Daily Mail, The Guardian, ABC, Metro and Resource Magazine have all interviewed me and covered Zero Waste Week. You’ll see why this matters to you in a moment.)

“Rachelle is an amazing campaigner for a less wasteful way of life. Brilliantly inspirational and thought provoking,
she brings people from around the globe together.”

Right now I’m looking for a certain type of business.

One that’s both ambitious and responsible.

That understands how we can use the power in waste to create growth.

And that recognises a great opportunity to reach more customers and build its reputation.

A business exactly like yours!

Why do I need you?

Because our need to protect the world’s resources has never been greater

Did you know that by 2050, if we don’t change how we produce and consume plastic, our oceans will contain more plastic by weight than fish?

That globally we waste almost one third of the food we produce for human consumption?

And that every year since 1971 we have used more resources than the earth can replace?

So it’s vital that this year, as it celebrates its eleventh anniversary, Zero Waste Week is bigger, better and brighter than ever before.

To make sure it is, I need your help.

What’s in it for me? I hear you ask

In 2017 Zero Waste Week had 56 million impressions on Twitter.

The #ZeroWasteWeek hashtag trended non-stop for nine hours.

Huge, popular organisations like the BBC, Penguin Books, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Ocado and Martin Lewis’s Money Saving Expert website all got behind the campaign.

The Zero Waste Week website and those of its ambassadors had more than 145,000 visitors.

People held events across the country that local news channels covered.

And it reached 75 countries worldwide.

“The sense of community with common purpose is powerful.”

As you can see Zero Waste Week is a significant campaign that is making a positive difference across the world.

With you behind us it can do even more.

Sponsor Zero Waste Week 2018 and you’ll have:

  • Your logo and a 50-word bio on the Zero Waste Week website supporters page
  • A mention in the sidebar of one of my daily newsletters
  • Your company name in a Zero Waste Week tweet, which can include something you’d like to promote
  • A positive PR opportunity of your own and lots of great content for all your social media
  • Access to millions of like-minded people who want what you sell

“This week was a real eye-opener. I discovered amazing products I had no idea about before.”

Contact me now to book your spot.

P.S. This year Zero Waste Weeks runs from 3RD – 7TH September. With your support we can reach more people, through more channels, right across the globe. Please join me and help save the resources we all depend on.

“Zero Waste Week makes you feel part of something bigger and, oh goodness, maybe there is hope.”