Reduce food waste by eating out of date food?

One of our zero heroes wrote to me asking about tinned food.

She’d pledged to ferret through her kitchen cupboards and use up all those old packets and tins during zero waste week to reduce food waste.

The thing is, she hadn’t counted on finding food dating back to 2009!

She wrote:

“In keeping with the food-theme of this year’s Zero Waste week, I have made a pledge to go through the out of date food stuff in our house.

I’ve found some tins with Best Before End date of 2009.

I realise ‘best before end’ is the get-out so they can’t be sued for food poisoning, but realise tins are made to keep so might still be ok, but 2009 might be pushing it a bit?”

Fortunately, over on our wonderful Facebook community, Martin Everett shared a link to a story about Food safety agents in Germany which should put our zero hero’s mind at rest. The food scientists declared a 64-year-old tub of lard kept by 87-year-old Hans Feldmeier to be ‘fit for human consumption’, despite the fact that it dates from before the Second World War!

Tell me; what is the oldest tinned food you’ve ever eaten?

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