How to reuse plastic pots and containers

Last month Tracey asked about reusing yogurt pots and cream cartons.

She wrote “”Cream / large yoghurt pots make good plant pots and I use the lid’s for the plant pot bottom. The kids and I sometimes paint and decoupage them to make slightly more presentable pencil holders.I would love to know some different uses for these confounded modern inventions…”

I put this question out to our Facebook community and newsletter subscribers and here are some of the fantastic ideas you came up with!

Plant pots

Laurena agrees with the plant pots idea and said “this term I grew heritage tomatoes and sold them at the school where I work to raise money for a school club. I appealed for flowerpots which people had finished with, but also used cream cartons with holes pierced in the bottom.”


Anna is all about the reduce ; she said “How about making your own yoghurt to reduce the number of plastic yoghurt pots?”

Schools and playgroups

Rosalyn thinks a school could make use of them. She writes “We use plastic yoghurt pots for junk modelling, and glue and paint containers at our primary school. Maybe you could offer them to your local school or playgroup or toddlers group.”

Coolbox ice packs

Miya from Vermont thinks large yogurt pots are, erm, ‘cool’, She says “I use the larger yogurt cartons as ice packs in my cooler. Just freeze up some water in them and keep them in your freezer. Put the frozen container in the cooler before you head out and they do a great job keeping coolers cool! I’ve had them last the whole day without having to replace them.”

Freezer food

Susie shared “I use plastic pots with lids to freeze portions of food in, clear hummus pots are the best for 1 serving (and you can see what’s inside!) and margarine tubs are good for dinner for 2.”

Mini greenhouses and home made pot noodle!

Anne Marie said “They’re great for the home made pot noodle lunches. And I’ve used them as mini green houses to protect young plants.”

Scoop it up

Here at Zero Waste towers old cream pots are ideal for scooping up the chicken feed or I use them as a measure for rice in the kitchen.


A friend has rows of old yogurt pots in his shed for holding screws and other manly things. I guess you could use them for arts and crafts supplies and stationery too – especially if you cut them to size in a drawer.

What about you – how do you reuse yogurt or cream pots?

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