Say "I love you" to the environment this Valentine’s Day

Can you believe it’s only a month to go before Cupid starts firing arrows at us all?

Less than a month ago we were busy unwrapping Santa’s offerings.

And soon we’ll be giving flowers, chocolates and cute teddy bears to the people we love.

So this year I’d like to challenge you to declare your love for the environment with a zero waste Valentine made of memories, not stuff?


Hallmark make a fortune out of us this time of year. Keep that money in your own pocket or donate to an environmental charity.

Instead pen your own poem, get crafty with the recycling materials or send an e-card.

If you’re feeling brave, why not sing or act your feelings of love towards your special person?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first girl to admit I love flowers, but when I found out how many air miles were involved, how much toxic pesticides were used as well some of the appalling working conditions growers are in, I gave up my weekly supermarket treat.

Give a small tree or rose bush instead. It’s the gift that will keep on growing…

If you really want flowers, a company like Wiggly Wigglers, grow seasonal, local flowers with the minimum of packaging.


You remember the ad “See the face you love, light up with Terrys AllGold”? With all the plastic moulding, I’m not so sure.

It time to put your money where your mouth is and support a company such as Cocoa Loco who use tissue paper and cardboard along with biodegradable cellophane for wrapping their products.

Alternatively get in the kitchen together and rustle up some simple truffles or home made chocolates – you get to lick the bowl together 😉

Memories not stuff

Go on a date – snuggle up and walk hand in hand somewhere, go to a movie, sit in front of an open fire in a country pub and talk. You don’t need to give a cute teddy, a new set of underwear or a diamond ring to say I love you. It’s about spending quality time with the people you love.

And let’s face it; who needs a commercial holiday anyway – EVERY DAY is a reason to say “I love you!”

Over to you – what are your plans for a zero waste Valentine’s Day?

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Rachelle Strauss

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