Simple, multicoloured, ‘any-veg-will-do’ recipes

abel and cole zero waste week supporterMy name is Yuriko and I work at Abel & Cole. I’m a foodie, dog lover and crafter.

At Abel & Cole we think food waste is rubbish. Though we’re also realistic.

It’s easy to get busy, then come home to find your fridge full of stuff you’ve not got round to cooking and eating.

If you’re left with food that’s looking a little bit saggy or unloved, it can still shine and be delicious. Over the last 25 years of veg boxing, we’ve come up with a bunch of quick, simple, multicoloured, ‘any-veg-will-do’ type recipes, which means you can use up old vegetables before they go off!

Here are some of my favourites:

Very Easy Veg Box Terikyaki. What’s great about this is you can use any vegetables throughout the year. It’s also exciting and very easy (as the name implies).

Roots Manoeuvre Curry. Poor old root veg. They always get a bum deal in my kitchen. Because they’re the most durable and last the longest they often get overlooked. This is a delicious and filling curry that you can chuck any and all of your root veg into.

Magical Mushrooms & Roasted Garlic and Apple Chutney. Who says that you have to eat everything right away? These two recipes use up that left over glut of mushrooms or pile of softening apples in one fell swoop. And they’ll keep for a bit. Magic.

We have all sorts of tasty zero-waste recipe ideas in our online recipe collection, so have a good old browse.

My top tips?

1) Be creative. Try random combinations of flavours from things you have lying around the kitchen. Be flexible and brave!

2) Soft, wrinkly or brown does not mean the end of a fruit or vegetable’s life. Once you’ve cooked it into soup, stew or other concoctions you won’t notice the difference.

Abel and Cole are giving one lucky participant of Zero Waste Week, four organic fruit and vegetables boxes – one a week for a month. Stay tuned to find out how to win!

What are your favourite recipes to use up old vegetables?




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