SLiCK – 2016 World Fireless Cooker Beauty Contest |

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July 7, 2016
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July 7, 2016

‘Fireless cooking’ involves insulating your cooking vessel to save fuel. Bring food to the boil, then put it in a box or basket surrounded by insulation. You can then leave it to cook with no further input of energy. Last week we prepared soup and then wrapped the pan in towels in a cool box – after 4 hours it was well cooked and still too hot to touch. 🙂

If you feel like having a go, you might also like to make it pretty and join in with the first international beauty contest for fireless cookers! I’d have shared the photos of our soup with you, but they’ll be my entry so I thought I’d better not!

More info on fireless cookers here:

SLiCK – 2016 World Fireless Cooker Beauty Contest |

SLiCK – 2016 World Fireless Cooker Beauty Contest Fireless Cookers use heat retention to cook. Get your food hot elsewhere then place your pot in the fireless cooker. It will carry on cooking, staying hot for hours afterwards. At SLiCK we recommend fireless cookers as a perfect sister for a solar co…

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Rachelle Strauss
Rachelle Strauss
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  1. ‘Gone with the wind’ author Margaret Mitchell wrote one of the best books on Fireless Cookers, which you can read free here. If you use one you take away the fuel wasting simmering part of cooking, letting the heat retention do the work. Save fuel money, tastes nicer…..

  2. […] having never seeing a solar cooker before. Once again people twigged to the idea of using a fireless cooker  with a rocket cookstoves and a solar cookers together. This combo allows 24 hour low impact, zero […]

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