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Zero Waste Week Sponsors

Aether Beauty

Supercharged Sustainable Beauty. Vegan, cruelty-free, zero waste and clean, organic and fair trade ingredients. Created in San Francisco by a former product developer for Sephora, including the first ever eyeshadow palette that's 100% recyclable: Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette. Use code ZEROWASTEBEAUTY for 15% off the palette.


Bizerba a family business established since 1866, passionate about looking after the environment, from energy efficient slicing to producing the finest Zero Waste Food Shop Self Service Scales on the market to date. Reuse your containers with the Bizerba Zero waste scales at a Zero Waste store near you.


Boobalou is a one-stop shop for plastic free living. As well as items you might expect, Jo sources more unusual items such as brushes, hair ties and reusable tea bags. She believes that making a few small changes to your life can make a big difference to the environment. Don't miss her hankybooks and tie dye reusable bin bags!

Bulk & Co.

Bulk and Co encourage less packaging and are passionate about 'unpackaged' goods. They sell reusable products that help encourage the bulk concept - where you buy what you need in reusable containers. From scoop bins to stainless steel oil containers, Bulk & Co sell everything stores need for eco-friendly retail solutions.

Buy Me Once

Fed up of things breaking down and wearing out? Buy Me Once have sourced the earth to find the longest lasting and most sustainable products on the planet. Whether you need kitchenware, clothes or new bedding you can shop by your values too - you'll find recycled products, those made in the UK and items with a lifetime guarantee.

Earthwise Girls

Earthwise Girls is the go-to UK specialist for reusable menstrual products. With the average menstruator getting through 15,000 single use products in their lifetime, going reusable makes a big impact. You’ll also find a range of other reusable and plastic free items like straws, toothbrushes, soapnuts, coffee cups and bags.

Ethical Hour

Ethical Hour is an online support network for ethical businesses, bloggers and consumers. We bring together thousands of ethically-focused people to connect, learn and grow so people can build a life and business around the ethical values most important to them. It’s our aim to connect 20,000 changemakers by 2020!

Future Planet

FuturePlanet exists to inspire and empower each of us to come together and create a better future. We aspire to create balance and harmony between all living beings and the planet. Our purpose is to unite the people to create a better future. Runs regular events with talented change makers and pioneers.


MNH provides Headset and Laundry Servicing Solutions to airlines. We drive operational efficiencies to control costs, maintain quality whilst diverting cabin waste from landfill. Designing products with waste minimisation in mind such as reusable headsets and plastic-free packaging can reduce landfill waste.

Nom Nom Kids

Nom Nom Kids create reusable food pouches and snack bags for weaning babies, toddlers and school kids. Designed as a more eco-friendly alternative to commercial baby food pouches, smoothie pouches and squeezy yogurts. Their products are BPA free, freezer safe and dishwasher safe. Each pouch can save 50 pouches from landfill.


Orethic serves the Spanish, UK and US markets with their ethically produced alternatives to disposables. You'll find mother and baby items, feminine hygiene, household, travel and educational goods. Founder, Dolores, is a pioneer of patented super absorbent sanitary pads and nappies and runs two projects - Orethic and Eco-etico

Smart Cara

Smart Cara is an award winning revolutionary product for food waste disposal. Suitable for use in homes, schools and offices, Smart Cara is the number one selling food waste disposal unit in Korea. Now available in Europe, it dries foods to 1/10th of the original mass in a few hours which can then be used as a soil enhancer.


Tearfund is a Christian development & disaster relief agency. They see first-hand that waste and climate change makes life harder for people in poverty, but believe that a more just and sustainable world is possible when people live differently and call for change. They're launching a campaign on plastics in spring 2019.


Having set up the world's first modern zero waste store in 2006, Unpackaged continues its mission to bring refilling to a mainstream audience by working with other businesses - through concessions with larger stores, workshops for aspiring zero waste shop owners & lots of campaigning. Follow them @unpackaged.

Used Kitchen Exchange

Used Kitchen Exchange is an eco-friendly re-seller of used and ex-display kitchens. Used Kitchen Exchange is a family-run company, owned by award-winning businesswoman Helen Lord. Working with showrooms around the UK, the company has saved tonnes of kitchens from going to landfill.

Zero Waste London

Inspiring advice on how to live a more balanced, conscious and eco-friendly life by eliminating waste from your daily routine. We cater to a growing audience that appreciates and values ​​innovation, quality and questions the origin and production processes of goods. Holds regular meet ups and events in London.

Zerowaste Market

Zerowaste Market encourages busy professionals to take a more eco-friendly approach to life. With carefully selected products and a recycled packaging scheme their customers can stop creating landfill waste effortlessly. Check out their new hemp washcloths and wash gloves for a zero waste beauty routine.