Zero Waste Week Sponsors


Bizerba a family business established since 1866, passionate about looking after the environment, from energy efficient slicing to producing the finest Zero Waste Food Shop Self Service Scales on the market to date. Reuse your containers with the Bizerba Zero waste scales at a Zero Waste store near you. Read more.

Earthwise Girls

Earthwise Girls is the go-to UK specialist for reusable menstrual products. With the average menstruator getting through 15,000 single use products in their lifetime, going reusable makes a big impact. You’ll also find a range of other reusable and plastic free items like straws, toothbrushes, soapnuts, coffee cups and bags.

Orethic & Eco-etico

Orethic and Eco-etico are twin brands promoting sustainable alternatives for two decades! Products include exclusive super absorbent, dye and polyester-free sanitary pads as well as PUL free nappies, refillable personal care items, natural toys and the all new BeBé carrier specially designed for the conscious consumer.


Tearfund is a UK-based Christian development & disaster relief agency that works in many of the world's poorest countries. Their Rubbish Campaign is calling on Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestlé and Unilever to stop the waste mountains that their plastic products are creating in poorer communities. Join them here.


Having set up the world's first modern zero waste store in 2006, Unpackaged continues its mission to bring refilling to a mainstream audience by working with other businesses - through concessions with larger stores, workshops for aspiring zero waste shop owners & lots of campaigning. Follow them @unpackaged.

Thank you to our brilliant sponsors - it wouldn't happen without your!

We have a new decade and a whole wealth of not just knowledge, but acceptance, understanding, powerful activism and a desire to do something about the climate crisis we are in as we enter the twenty-twenties.

I think most of us can feel it, the need and desire to change. We can’t keep behaving like it doesn’t matter, or we don’t care. We have to stop being the bullies of the playground and start being the responsible, caring, sustainably-minded species we need to be. 

We need to use resources in a way that means they can go on being reused and reused and reused, rather than used up and thrown away.

Without giving away too much at this stage, if you want to partner with us to make Zero Waste Week 2020 the biggest and best it has ever been (and it’s fab already), then please get in touch to talk about how you can be involved.