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Sue's savoury bread and butter pudding

savoury bread and butter pudding recipeSue contacted me this week to share a family favourite recipe.

I think you’ll agree it’s a great crowd pleaser and can be adapted to use up all sorts of things from the cupboard and fridge.

Sue wrote:

“I thought you might like my recipe for using up leftovers – savoury bread and butter pudding.

Fry any leftover vegetables, chopped finely – I use onions, celery, peppers, courgettes, radishes (they are good in stir-fries) and anything else to hand.

Grease a pie dish and layer it with with bread (buttered both sides) and the veg mixture, beginning and ending with the bread.

Pour a sauce (I often use a can of creamed soup) over it and bake until sizzling.

It is delicious and filling.”

Doesn’t that sound great and quick to make too!

What is your favourite way to use up leftover veggies?

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