How to tell others about zero waste week 2013

zero waste week 2013 125x125 logoWe’re all set up and raring to go with zero waste week 2013.

Our theme is “Use it up!” where you are encouraged to think out food waste.

Our participants are asking how they can help spread the word. Here are four ways you can help – via Facebook, Sign up form, posters and blog badges:

Sign up form

Once you’ve signed up yourself, ask your friends to sign up too. Just give them this URL and they’ll find the sign up form on the home page under our video.

Alternatively, email them this link which will take them straight to our sign up form.


Keep up with us on our Facebook Events page where you can invite your entire friend’s list to join us.

Zero Waste Week Posters

If you have access to a community noticeboard in your town, village or college download and print out one of our posters.

zero waste week 2013 poster

Blog badges

If you have a blog, grab one of our badges by copying and pasting the HTML code below!

300 x 200 Zero Waste Week 2013 logo

zero waste week 2013 300x200 logo

[code]Click here for National Zero Waste week 2013[/code]

125 x 125 Zero Waste Week 2013 logo

zero waste week 2013 125x125 logo

[code]Click here for National Zero Waste week 2013[/code]

368 x 132 Zero Waste Week logo

zero waste week 2013 header logo

[code]Click here for National Zero Waste week 2013[/code]

Today’s zero hero!

Our poster was created by Laura who runs Eco Chic Cayman; a blog devoted to sharing ideas on how to live a green lifestyle in the Cayman Islands. Isn’t she amazing?

Laura is passionate about protecting the planet and animals as well as helping raise environmental awareness.

Part of Laura’s blog is Eco Chic Designs where she has a portfolio of artwork from her new freelance marketing business. Laura is available for hire if you want flyers for your Eco blog or event and I can vouch for her attention to detail, patience and ability to follow a brief to the letter.

Go and spread the words my friends; I’m counting on ya 🙂

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