These sustainable shoes are made from recycled water bottles

Long absent, soon forgotten.
November 19, 2016
After moving to London in 2012 Kristine very soon noticed a lack of garbage bins…
November 19, 2016

These sustainable shoes are made from recycled water bottles

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Rachelle Strauss
Rachelle Strauss
Rachelle Strauss is founder of and Both are leading websites for helping householders reduce landfill waste. Her work has attracted media stories and engagement in documentaries, film and radio both locally and abroad.


  1. Gemma Batty says:

    They could have hit two birds with one stone here and made them barefoot friendly shoes. Look at those unnatural points! Going the right way for damaged feet there.

  2. Yes, would be great if they could make them barefoot friendly. They look pretty narrow too.

  3. Probably want them to appeal to power women who don’t have time for waste reduction in the first instance 😉

  4. Gemma Batty says:

    I shan’t applaud a company’s so called innovations if they insist of driving the patriarchal beauty standard and categorisation of women.

  5. Teresa Lewis says:

    Which is why I used to wear Ecco shoes (Danish), hand made shoes from Totnes or non designer Italian shoes.

  6. They’re £100 a pair too!

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