Three ‘Use it up!’ ideas from Sue

I love hearing from you.

You all share such fantastic information and ask intriguing questions.

Today I was contacted by Sue who shared such brilliant food waste tips I couldn’t keep them to myself; they just had to be shared.

Leftover vegetables

Leftovers go into a vegetable crumble (radish, odd carrot, lettuce, greens, anything really) with a sauce, and with a topping which includes nuts, seeds, maybe some grated cheese, cooked pasta etc.  It always tastes delicious and lasts for a few days.

Prevention, not cure

I go through my food cupboards three times a year and get out anything that is best before the following 3 months -for instance if I did it now I would get out anything that needs eating before the end of the year –  then I make meals with those things before I use the more up to date ones.

Sometimes I find things I’ve forgotten about and it’s quite exciting to try a new recipe. It’s also a good excuse to clean the shelves while I’m about it.

Half eaten jams and chutneys

If I find a half eaten jar of jam I will spoon out anything at the top which looks a bit hairy/mouldy and put the rest in a dish and cover with a sponge mixture.  It makes a lovely pudding.
Or half-eaten jars of pickle/chutney go into a curry.  It is amazing what you can disguise in a curry (even lettuce).

Please share your food waste tips in the comments below!

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  1. sheila blethyn on September 9, 2016 at 5:24 pm

    Great ideas here, For many years I must use it up were a mantra in my family Sheila

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