Tired Salad Soup

It has been party time so my sister and I both raided our veg patches to pick salad leaves to accompany a bbq.  My sis has green fingers and she brought loads of salad. The good thing about salad from your garden is that it will last ages. Think about this… how many days ago do you think your supermarket salad was picked by the time you buy it? It could easily be a week old. I hadn’t really thought about this before so I was pleasantly surprised that a week after the lettuce was picked for the big birthday party it was still nice a fresh.

Lettuce keeps best when it is just lettuce …variteies of lettuce and herb leaves included… but without the addition of tomato or cucumber for instance and without dressing of course, so I always serve the dressing separately.

Ten days later and some of the leaves were still good so I picked those out for dinner. By now there were a few leaves looking a bit brown and floppy though.

Anorher of my salads was a combination of cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions and radishes so the leftovers of that were also looking tired within a few days, the cucumber being the least hardy.

Time for some salad soup and some buttered radishes.

The buttered radishes is one of the lovely recipes in Leftover Pie, sent by Tom Hunt, author of The Natural Cook.

It is so yummy … it is a must try.

So I picked out the radishes from my salad bowl and followed Tom’s simple recipe.

Meanwhile I cooked up some vegetable peel stock , then added in the radish leaves, the brown floppy lettuce leaves, and the slightly mushy mess of chopped cucumber, tomato and spring onion.

A bit of salt and pepper into the mix and a whizz up with the hand blender and my tired salad was now a delicious soup.

I had a slight problem with my buttered radishes though… They really are so yummy that I kept tasting one more and then one more and then … oh well perhaps another one. By the time we sat down for dinner there were hardly enough radishes for one person, never mind two. I then recovered a bit of discipline and I did give the remaining radishes to Mr Pitt and confessed to my pre dinner radish munching.

If you don’t want to eat your soup straight away you can freeze it in portions for when chillier weather returns.

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