What’s YOUR Zero Waste Week pledge for 2016?

This year’s Zero Waste Week theme is ‘Use it up!’ where we’ll be tackling food waste.

I’m passionate about this theme because while one third of the food grown on this planet never reaches a human stomach, one in nine people go to bed hungry.

So it’s time to redress the balance, to understand what a precious resource food is and to give it a little TLC.

If you’re a complete newbie then take last night’s leftover dinner to work for lunch the following day – simple!

If you’re more experienced, maybe your wisdom could help inspire someone else to reduce food waste.

And if you’re a complete pro maybe this is your opportunity for a totally ZERO WASTE week!

Don’t have any food waste? Then what else need you to ‘Use it up!’ during the week? Toiletries? Cleaning products? Your fabric stash?

Our blogging ambassadors have been busy making their pledges and they’re so diverse and inspirational I wanted to share them in the hope they will help you decide on your pledge too.

So without further ado:

Anna tweeted:

Brenda’s pledge is something we can all relate to. She writes “My pledge is to shop from my cupboards, as I always have so much stuff in there which sometimes does not get used in time so I think this will be a good time to try and cut it down and then not buy so much again!”

Christine is set to inspire us during the week. She pledges “I will share posts and videos on tips for reducing food waste, as well as recipes.”

I can’t wait to see Christine’s ‘Use it up!’ recipes!

Claire is getting her family on board and heading for a big ZERO! She writes “As a family, our pledge for zero waste week is that we are going for zero food waste.”

Gina is aiming to have an empty food waste bin by the end of the week! She’s blogged about it here.

Helen is ready to create some positive memories during Zero Waste Week. She writes “As a family, we will not be purchasing or consuming any plastic, nor wasting any food and we will be keeping an eye on our energy usage. We will be concentrating on family time and healthy wholesome living, trying to recreate our recent family holiday when we stayed in an eco cottage in Donegal.”

Jen, ever the zero waste stalwart is going for the big ZERO too. Yep, she’s challenging herself to create NO food wastse during the week – phew!

Jenni is on a decluttering mission. She writes “Seeing as this year’s theme is ‘Use it up’, I’d like to focus on using up makeup and toiletries rather than buying new products that I don’t need.

Not only should this attitude help the environment, it will enable me to declutter my toiletry cupboard and I suspect it will also help my bank balance too.”

I love that Jo is helping keep everyone on track. She writes “My pledge is to regularly blog ideas, tips and recipes to help keep myself and others on track in using up items that potentially could lead to food waste .”

Joanna, who will be travelling during Zero Waste Week, writes “For #ZeroWasteWeek I will write a post (or two) about cutting down food waste while settling in Bali – fingers crossed for good wi-fi!”

Karen is keeping things to herself at the moment. All I know is this. It involves her local school! I can’t wait to see what Karen is up to – we’re all passionate about making waste and recycling the ‘norm’ for future generations, right?

Kate from Plastic is rubbish tweeted her pledge:

Lindsay is digging deep with her pledge. She writes “I’m going to pledge to make inedible food edible and cut down on my composting waste! I will investigate making food from skins and stones ( the “inedible” part of fruit and veg).”

Meg is delving deeply with her pledge which she’s titled “Re-valuing leftovers… in the kitchen and beyond”. She’s keen to explore to what extent we can change our view of leftovers as lesser ingredients/materials and see them as something worthwhile and worth celebrating in their own right (and not just in the kitchen).

Meg continues “I find myself increasingly thinking of my mum’s bowl of dripping on the counter top. I know animal fats are controversial (for both health and environmental reasons) but her pot of dripping, which never ran out, exemplifies a different take on “leftovers” that was the norm for generations and that we seem to have lost.”

Nicola is getting straight to the point with her pledge “I pledge to throw away as little food as possible during #ZeroWasteWeek” Let’s see how she does!

Stephanie calls her pledge “Patio Composting: a Politics of Refuse/Refusal” and writes “I would like to pledge an entire week of 100% food to soil waste reduction. In order to “use it up,” I will make sure 100% of our food waste gets transitioned into rich compost.”

Tara says “I pledge to find sustainable and durable alternatives for 10 throwaway items such as straws, coffee cups, ziplock bags, paper towels, kleenex etc. (And make sure I use them!)”

Last year, Trudi was setting off to travel the world. In July she’s leaving her life in Sydney for a 2 month travelling trip before coming back home. So she certainly needs to be using things up when she moves out of her flat and gets back on the road with her tiny backpack! With that in mind she pledges “I’ll use up what I have accumulated in my Australian life and will be living on the road with as little as possible!”

Vicky pledges “I pledge to menu plan utilising as many vegetables from the garden as I can along with store cupboard items.” Sounds like a yummy week is in store for Vicky and her family!

Westy Writes pledge will tug at lots of people’s conscience. She shares “To put in a much better effort to ‘use it up’ while feeding the family.  I know what to do, I just need to put it into action….” We all have areas in life where we know what to do, but aren’t doing it, right? Good luck Westy!

Zoe says “I pledge to do a use it up meal plan (i.e. use up the stuff I already have in my house before I buy food) and keep a food waste diary during zero waste week.”

What about you – will you join one of our blogging ambassadors or do you have an idea of your own you’ll be pledging?

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  1. Tom Andrews on August 6, 2016 at 8:23 am

    When I de-bone a chicken to make a curry I put all the bones/skin/gristle etc into a pot of water and boil with rice until it is well cooked (the bones literally disintegrate) then I feed it to my two dogs. They absolutely love it!! This feeds them for approx two to three days. You can even pour off the first lot of stock and make soup with it then add more water to the trimmings and add your rice. I call it Dogs chicken risotto!! lol!

    • Rachelle Strauss on August 6, 2016 at 1:49 pm

      That sounds like a brilliant solution, Tom. I’d always wondered about giving cooked bones to dogs as advice seems to be conflicting. What breeds of dog do you have and do you know if this would be safe to feed cats?

  2. Jane Giffould on September 3, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    Waste not, want not. Make do and mend. Two phrases that I was brought up on just after WW2 and by which I have lived my life. Hence I have zero food/garden waste but do have large compost piles. Old carpet that really cannot be used anymore goes to the garden to cover over winter to discourage weeds. Items I no longer need/use go on Freecycle or are passed on to friends, old clothes with zero life left are used to patch others and so on. Hence I often have nothing to put out for the bin men.

    • Rachelle Strauss on September 4, 2016 at 9:39 am

      Sounds like you live a fantastic zero waste lifestyle, Jane. Thanks for sharing some of the things you do to keep landfill to a minimum – I know you sharing these will inspire others 🙂

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