Zero Waste Malaysia (Kuala Lumpar)

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Since, September 2015 KL has a recycling program most condo estates have recycling bins if yours do not have those bins ask management to get them as soon as possible. KL is still a developing city and there is barely any bins to collect the trash on the street. Being zero waste in the city is the best way to handle the trash because due to the lack of trash cans and recycling facilities, the trash is barely being collected by the city.
Bea Johnson gives us all the tools to be Zero Waste in KL, live by the 5Rs: Refuse- Reduce- Reuse- Recycle- Rot.


Set a great water filter for your house, many many companies are on the market selling water filter for the house.
Put the sticker ‘No Junk Mail” on your mailbox.
Refuse, all the plastic bags, straws… very politely. Always mention no bag for anything you might buy… and no straw at the restaurant.


‘wet’ markets are the best, every neighborhood in KL has a wet market opened all day. Bring your own shopping bags, containers and fill them up with fruits/ veggies/ fish/ meat/ nuts….Bring your tumbler everywhere for wonderful different tea/ coffee/ fresh juice…
Remove all the disposables in your house and replace them by reusables. Paper napkin- fabric napkin , paper towel- fabric napkin, plastic straw- metallic straw…
Sell and Buy from many FB pages: “KL Moms swap and Shop” “KL Wanna Sell-n-Buy”…


If you condo estate do not have the recycling bins, ask management to get them.
Bring your own containers at the BYOB Damansara Kim Branch, you can get your organic shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, floor cleaners…


There is no composting program in KL, you can easily compost at home if you have a balcony, small piece of outdoor.. and donate your compost to a local organic farm. Few farms are around the town and will accept your compost GK Organic Farm being one of them

Wriiten by Claire Sancelot

Zero Waste Kuala Lumpur