Zero Waste Week Hong Kong

hongkongIn the Asian region, Hong Kong inhabitants produce the largest amount of trash by day 1.36kg/ day compared to Taipei 1kg/day and Tokyo 0.77kg/ day. Very little of the daily trash is recycled and most of the recycling bins trash actually end up in the landfills simply for cost reasons. A trustworthy social enterprise collects your recycling (plastic, metal, glass, paper)

Thanks to Bea Johnson tips we can change the way we produce waste without the government being involved. Living by the 5 Rs (Refuse-Reduce- Reuse-Recycle-Rot).


First, buy a wonderful water filter, depending on the age of your building some water pipes are very old and water need to be filtered.
Go to your local post office and ask for the ‘No junk mail” sticker, or make it yourself and stick it to your mailbox. HK events are always handing a sponsor bag with free tshirt, keychain, mug, business card holder.. learn to refuse politely. On the street, stores love to hand out balloons, flyers… learn to refuse always very politely.
When you order a drink in a restaurant always mention ‘no straw’ otherwise a plastic straw will magically appear.
In your bag always carry your shopping bag, refillable water bottle and tumbler.


HKongers live in very small apartment so it is easy to reduce because there is just no space to accumulate. Nevertheless, there are many FB pages to sell things, “Crossroads” is a fantastic charity for large donations
,the city has plenty of Salvation Army for donations also.


Remove all the disposables by reusables, just look at what is in your garbage and start by one item at a time. Replace the paper towel by the HK tea cotton towel, use your shopping bag to go to the ‘wet’ market get all your fruits/ veggies/ meat/ fish/ nuts at the wet market package free. A great soap maker is Bella Sapone, a social enterprise you would collect empty 1L containers and refill them with shampoo/ soap/ floor cleaner etc… all organic. HK has now a local brewery that will collect your empty beer glass bottles and refill them

NO!W No Waste offer reusable & compostable alternatives for disposable items you use in your kitchen, bathroom or at work to help you reduce waste.


Is tricky in HK, because there is a big mistrust and it seems the government is collecting the recycling bins and just put them in the landfills just because it costs too much to recycle which really infuriate the inhabitants, a trustworthy recycling social enterprise is HK Recycle mentioned before.


Can be challenging in HK tiny tiny flats, the lucky inhabitants who have rooftops or balcony can simply compost using an old laundry basket (air) add fruits/ veggies/ tea/ coffee/ crushed eggshells waste top it with one layer of dried leaves (carbon) add a bit of water (02) and you have a fantastic compost. Give your compost to the organic farms in the city. HK has few fantastic organic farms scattered on the islands and the New Territories, Zen Organic Farm is one of them

Written by Claire Sancelot
FB: Hong Kong Green Home