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Blog and Latest Zero Waste News

Welcome to Zero Waste Week 2018 – day two!

How did you get on yesterday with discovering your big WHY? I had lots of emails with all sorts of reasons WHY you wanted to reduce your plastic usage this week.

I’m a guy and I care too!

I met Chris on my Facebook Group. Clearly passionate and committed to the Zero Waste movement, I was struck by how few men there seem to be speaking openly about ‘environment issues’. Don’t they care? Are they oblivious? Or do they just not have a platform to speak up? My curiosity led me to invite…

Welcome to Zero Waste Week 2018 – day one!

Welcome to the ELEVENTH  annual Zero Waste Week! Our theme this year is ‘Plastic – Unwrapped!’ where we’ll be reducing plastic waste. Now, I don’t think plastic is the enemy. Let’s face it, you probably enjoy the convenience of buying things in lightweight packaging, plastic helps prolong the life of foods that might perish if…

An exciting announcement to launch the eleventh Zero Waste Week campaign!

At last I can share my good news with you all. I’ve been sworn to secrecy for three weeks now and I can tell you, I’ve felt like a child waiting for Christmas!

Dudes Against Destruction – It's Cool To Care

Is it just me, or have you noticed that it’s generally women who are ‘more involved’ with sustainable issues? I’ve certainly noticed that women are more outspoken about the Zero Waste Week campaign.

Is Climate Change a man-made problem with a Feminist Solution?

Have you heard of the Mothers of Invention Podcast? When a journalist contacts you and writes “I’m producing an independent podcast about women who are tackling climate change. I’d love to talk to you more about the incredible impact you’ve had so far with your work.” How could I refuse?

Two weeks to go – download your free waste audit sheet today

There are just two weeks before the eleventh Zero Waste Week campaign begins. You know what that means?

How YOU Can Help The Zero Waste Week Campaign

I’m often asked what you can do to help promote and support Zero Waste Week. Last year the hashtag trended for two days, reached 56 million impressions and participants from 76 countries signed up.

Zero Waste Week 2018 events

Here are some of the events taking place during September to celebrate Zero Waste Week!

How to recycle clothes

I don’t know about you, but clothes seem to breed in our home! I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but with temperatures ranging from -5 in the winter, to +30 in the summer, it’s just not feasible.