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Blog and Latest Zero Waste News

day 4 challenge - multi purpose cleaner

Welcome to Day 4 – Zero Waste Week 2019! Climate Change in the Bathroom

  Welcome to day 4! I’d love to know how you got on with your clothes yesterday. Don’t forget to send me a selfie of you wearing an old favourite outfit – let me know how long you’ve had the item too! Onto day 4 then. Although the bathroom seems like an unlikely place to…

Anna’s ZWW – Day 3

OMG I think I’m contributing to that 30bn of unused clothes with my wardrobe. I’ve really noticed lately that I wear very few of my clothes. So today I’m going to think about what to keep and what should go. I had a good long look at what was in there and I have three…

Welcome to Day 3 – Zero Waste Week 2019! Climate Change in your Closet

Welcome to day three – we’re half way through Zero Waste Week already! How did you get on with yesterday’s challenge? Did you manage to shop in your kitchen cupboards, stick to a shopping list or buy sans packaging and air miles? Today we’re off to your wardrobe, or closet for our friends across the…

Anna’s ZWW – Day 2

Yay! Today is all about food and how to lower our impact by taking a look at our food choices. The great thing is… it is so easier to reduce your food waste. It saves money as well as saving on carbon footprint and it is a really enjoyable change to make. This was among…

7.1 million tonnes of food waste

Welcome to Day 2 – Zero Waste Week 2019! – Climate Change in The Kitchen

How did you get on with yesterday’s challenge? Did you find an interesting article that helped explain how, by reducing waste, we can tackle climate change? It can all feel a bit overwhelming, so you might be thinking “where do I start?!” Well, the easiest place is actually your kitchen. We all eat every day…

Anna’s ZWW – Day 1

“Please don’t leave before we’ve had a chance to have a chat about something else. There’s a question, I’ve been longing to ask you.” I was at the opening night of an exhibition that I’d put together for our local history archive. (You see I don’t only talk rubbish!) I’d been answering questions all night…

zero waste week day 1

Welcome to Day 1 – Zero Waste Week 2019!

Welcome to the 12th annual Zero Waste Week! I want to begin by saying a massive thank you to Hannah Coogans, who has been an invaluable help this year. Hannah wrote to me at the beginning of the year looking for work experience and was tasked with doing the research for this year’s theme. I…

small zero waste week wallpaper

Free Zero Waste Week Desktop Wallpaper

During Zero Waste Week, I thought it would be amazing to see home and business offices across the world all displaying Zero Waste Week desktop wallpaper. Wouldn’t that be fun?! It’s a simple way for you to show your support to the campaign week and the environment. Join the movement by downloading your free wallpaper…

zero waste week competitions

Zero Waste Week competitions 2019

  Here are some fantastic prizes on offer during Zero Waste Week 2019. From beeswax wraps to a holiday, check them out below. This page will be updated as more competitions and offers go live, so be sure to bookmark and keep coming back! Everything you need to reduce your waste EastLife magazine are giving…

Grab your free printable waste audit sheet in time for Zero Waste Week

There’s just two weeks before the twelfth Zero Waste Week campaign begins.