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Blog and Latest Zero Waste News

An Eat Me First shelf for your fridge – the student / shared house version

  Make your “Eat Me First” shelf to get that fridge under control – the student / shared household version I realise you might be saying, “I’ve only got one shelf”. I realise you might feel like you are the only one who cares about reducing food waste. I realise your freezer might be so…

The Eat Me First Shelf

The 10 minute “Eat Me First” shelf in your fridge

  The 10 Minute Monday Challenge: You are 10 minutes and 10 steps away from creating your Eat Me First shelf in your fridge. The best ever way to reduce your food waste. Go!   Ingredients A bowl of hot water with washing up liquid. A clean cloth A clean tea towel Two scraps of…

when is zero waste week 2020 7th to 11th september

When is Zero Waste Week 2020 – and How to Take Part!

During Zero Waste Week 2020, we’ll be celebrating the 13th annual campaign! What began in 2008 with 100 participants in the UK has spread its wings across the globe to become an international week of reducing, reusing and recycling. If you’re new to Zero Waste Week or need a refresher on how to get involved,…

Download your Free Printable in time for Zero Waste Week 2020

There’s just over a week before the thirteenth Zero Waste Week campaign begins. It’s time to get prepared! And that means, we’re going to take an honest look at any food you might be wasting! Without knowing what you’re starting with, you can’t measure your progress throughout Zero Waste Week. Let me ask you something…

how to recycle old photographs

8 Ways to Recycle Old Photographs and Albums

A reader contacted me to ask how to recycle photographs and albums. She wrote: “Hi there, I live in Waltham Forest and currently trying to declutter a home I’ve been living in for over 30 years. It’s not a one day job. I recycle, repurpose and reuse lots (and have always had a tendency to…

will coronavirus harm the zero waste movement

Will Coronavirus Harm the Zero Waste Movement?

World emergencies have knock on effects on so many aspects of life. Many of which we don’t even consider. I’ve been thinking about the Coronavirus and the potential impact on the Zero Waste movement. Panic Buying At the beginning of the pandemic, news stories and social media updates showed empty shelves in supermarkets. I like…

zero waste during lockdown

How are you coping with Lockdown?

We had a great discussion on our Facebook Group this week about the Lockdown and how it was affecting our Zero Waste lifestyle. Lyn wrote: “What have you learned during this difficult time? Here’s my challenge- I’ve had to spend the past 7 weeks with my mum and my word it’s hard being elderly, disabled…

5 ways to declutter without landfill - even when you can't leave the house - anyjunk

5 ways to declutter without landfill – even when you can’t leave the house!

During lockdown, many people who are not keyworkers or homeshchooling their children are finding themselves with time on their hands. In the UK we’ve had amazing weather and gardens and homes are finally getting the TLC we’ve all been meaning to get around to ‘one day’. Here at Zero Waste Towers, we’re growing more food…

five zero waste activities

5 Zero Waste Things I’ve Finally Got Around to Doing – Thanks to Coronavirus Lockdown

They say every cloud has a silver lining and I do like to focus on the positive as much as possible. So after getting over my initial shock, fear and 2am catastrophising about Coronavirus (!), I set about thinking about some of the ways I could turn this situation into a positive opportunity. And I…

Potato Peel Cookies

If you’ve started Rachelle’s fantastic Waste Less, Enjoy More During Lockdown course you’ll love this recipe. Mr Pitt has never really been a fan of the potato skin crisps I make, so the skins were often ending up in the compost these days as I can’t eat them all myself and we are not expecting…