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Blog and Latest Zero Waste News

zero waste week competitions

Zero Waste Week competitions 2019

  Here are some fantastic prizes on offer during Zero Waste Week 2019. From beeswax wraps to a holiday, check them out below. This page will be updated as more competitions and offers go live, so be sure to bookmark and keep coming back! Everything you need to reduce your waste EastLife magazine are giving…

Grab your free printable waste audit sheet in time for Zero Waste Week

There’s just two weeks before the twelfth Zero Waste Week campaign begins.

Events taking place during Zero Waste Week 2019

September 1 Time Time is Now: Extinction Rebellion Public Talk 12:00-14:00. Colchester Arts Centre In this free talk Dr Larch Maxey, part of the central Extinction Rebellion (XR) team will facilitate a session which explores what’s next for XR in the UK and how to mobilise for the Autumn rebellion starting on 7 October. At…

9 compelling reasons to sign up to zero waste week

9 compelling reasons your business should sign up to Zero Waste Week

  You’re a busy business owner. Your To Do list is increasing, you’re ‘pending’ pile is growing and you’re constantly distracted by meetings, mobiles and memos. So why on earth would you add Zero Waste Week to your list of commitments? The bottom line is… You’ll stop wasting money on buying and disposing. By making…

silicone bags used in the freezer to reduce waste

Are silicone bags safe for storing chicken?

This week I had an email from Kerry who wrote “Every few weeks I buy a bulk of chicken breasts (when they are on sale). I then pound them flat (quicker to cook) and store each individual breast (just me eating) in a ziplock sandwich bag then freeze. I have figured out how to cook…

men-u shampoo on left other leading brand on right

Graham Fish’s mission to address the cosmetic industry’s plastic problem

  Do you remember eating Mr Whippy ice cream as a child? While it tasted amazing, it was gone in a few moments and left you hungry for more. I realise now, of course, the product was a brilliant marketing success – inflate not only the product with air, but the price too – and…

home made pickled eggs

How to make pickled eggs

I’ve hesitated to write this post on how to make pickled eggs, because it seems like a no brainer. However, I do remember having to ask questions and scout around Google to discover the secrets to a good pickled egg, so I figured I’d save you some time. Pickled eggs are a fantastic way to…

Sustainable fabrics and how to find them

It ought to be a simple question. Is this fabric sustainable? But of course, as always, there’s more to it than just finding out what our clothes are made from. I co-hosted an RSA Sustainable Households subgroup workshop with Nicola Mansfield, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Fashion at the University of Westminster. During the workshop we…

plastic waste for recycling

Unsure what can and can’t be recycled? We’ll clear up the confusion!

According to research, Britons care more about plastic waste than Brexit! Yet despite us being moved by the Blue Planet effect and wanting to do our bit, millions of us are still unsure what we can and can’t recycle. Top of the list of confusion were plastic, lightbulbs and crisp packets. One in 10 were…

reclaim magazine features zero waste week waste warriors course

Press highlights 2019

Here are some of the press highlights for 2019 Daily Mail The Daily Mail were writing a piece about plastic ‘bags for life’, and the environmental impact they have. Since the 5p bag charge was introduced many retailers introduced the thicker plastic but many shoppers were treating these as they would single use bags, which…