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Blog and Latest Zero Waste News

The secret to giving the gift of a zero waste Christmas

  Ah, that time again – the shelves in the shops are filled with chocolates, gifts and cards, ready for Christmas. Or, as is the case over here, the stores have been filled with Christmas goods since the middle of August!

Pumpkin Pie

I spent years avoiding pumpkin pie as most recipes I’ve seen are full of cream, which I can’t eat. But when I went for dinner at The Roebuck, in Borough, South London, with head chef Jareth Mills, that changed. Jareth, who contributed two recipes for Leftover Pie, had specially made a pumpkin pie for me,…

Zero Waste Week 2018 Press Coverage

Here are some of the press highlights for Zero Waste Week 2018. The Guardian Journalist Stuart Heritage was challenged to live a week without plastic. I was assigned to be his ‘guru’ (his words, not mine!) for all those challenging questions. He described me as “brilliantly unmilitant about waste reduction” in his article in which…

Local Authorities promoting Zero Waste Week

There are over 80 local authorities signed up to the Zero Waste Week mailing list. Here’s how some of them promoted the campaign to their residents: Oxford City Oxford City were busy sharing tips with their residents throughout the week This week is #ZeroWasteWeek. An easy peasy way to start is to ditch plastic packaging…

I am not a poster boy for Zero Waste

For the final post in our ‘Dudes against Destruction’ series, Carl tells us why he isn’t a poster boy for zero Waste and more about his aspirations. Here’s Carl:

Welcome to Zero Waste Week 2018 – Day Five!

Welcome to the final day of Zero Waste Week. I hope you’ve been planning for the grand finale!

5 Tips to Living Sustainably

Continuing with our Dudes against Destruction series, Chris aka, The Sustainable Guy, shares his top 5 tips for living sustainably. Here’s Chris:

Welcome to Zero Waste Week 2018 – Day Four!

So far you’ve thought about reducing plastic in the bathroom and kitchen. Today we’re staying in the kitchen for another challenge. We’re going to look at your household cleaning routine.

The “wonky” food thing is a start but I believe they played a part in creating what a “perfect” carrot was.

Continuing our ‘Dudes against Destruction’ series, Kevin shares why he hates waste so much: So I hate waste, any kind of waste, food, plastic, electronics anything at all. I think it might of been because my Granddad would always be fixing something from TVs to video players to lawn mowers and I have become the…

Welcome to Zero Waste Week 2018 – Day Three!

  How did you get on in the bathroom yesterday. Were you shocked at how much plastic was in there?