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I’ve spent a decade showing people they can make a difference to the world, reduce waste AND save over £1500 per year.

With free access to daily newsletters, inspirational and empowering blog posts (your words, not mine), and the active and engaged Facebook Group, Zero Waste living is within everyone’s reach, regardless of financial status.

I AM Zero Waste Week! Many people think I’m a company or Government funded. I have a fantastic team of volunteers who moderate the admin on Facebook, and enthusiastic and motivated ambassadors who help spread the word – but apart from that I do everything myself.

Over the last decade I have put thousands of hours into making this site and running Zero Waste Week.

It’s not just my time I have donated to promote the Zero Waste lifestyle, it’s lots of money I have put into this as well.

My Zero Waste outreach is a lot more expensive that you might imagine – with website hosting you get what you pay for – pay peanuts and you get monkeys. Have you noticed how fast the pages load? That’s because I pay for premium hosting. To send newsletters involves a subscription. There are plugins, advertising, graphics … the list goes on.

I have two ‘real jobs’ to pay my bills, but I can’t afford to run Zero Waste Week without the help of generous donors like you.

If you can, please support Zero Waste Week so I can continue to support you!

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