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Blog and Latest Zero Waste News

house rabbits

How to Raise Zero Waste Rabbits

In my newsletter this week, I wrote about how, cleaning out my rabbits, had inspired me to write a post about plastic-free alternatives to straws! Waste Warrior Sally wrote to me and said “I have just been reading your newest email (always informative!) and noted that your have rabbits. I too have two rabbits and…

how to reduce contact lens waste

How to recycle contact lenses and their packaging

  This week I had a query from Waste Warrior, Henry, who wanted to know how to recycle contact lenses. He wrote “My most frustrating area is my contact lenses. I need to wear them all day every day to function and recently changed from dailies to monthlies as that, in my mind would create…

10 million mattresses discarded instead of recycled

How to recycle your mattress

Whenever journalists ask me what piece of legislation I’d like to see with regards to waste and recycling, it always comes down to one thing: It would make things much easier if every local authority had the same kerbside and household waste and recycling centre collections, so that we had uniformity throughout the country. I…

The Nose to Tail Approach – A solution to Reducing Food Waste?

The ‘nose to tail’ approach is a food philosophy that aims to use all parts of an animal. A similar approach can also be used with fruits and vegetables, sometimes known as ‘root to fruit’, whereby all parts of a crop that are edible in one form or another are used. Many top chefs have…

Sharing the love(ly food)

Olio Your bags are packed, and you are off on your long-awaited holiday. But wait! You realise you have half a lettuce, two tomatoes, half a packet of cheese and a bit of cucumber left in your fridge. Oh, and half a pint of milk too and half a loaf of bread. Years ago almost…

About biodegradable plastic

  Are you noticing a trend towards bio degradable packaging? Thinking about joining in? If so, read this first to make sure you are not just adding to a problem rather than finding a solution. You probably know that traditional plastic is made of oil. Plastic is a very versatile, durable and cheap material. It…

how to have a zero waste barbecue

How to Celebrate National Barbecue Week – the Zero Waste Way!

This year is the 23rd annual National Barbecue Week. The trouble is a barbecue isn’t always the most zero waste option! They can produce a lot of rubbish from disposable plates, food packaging, cans and bottles. Fortunately there are many simple ways to make your barbecue a zero waste celebration! MEAT It’s tempting to hot…

how to enjoy homegrown new potatoes all year round

How to enjoy home grown potatoes all year round – even when you have no space to garden!

Over on Facebook, I shared that I’d been enjoying some home grown new potatoes in March. Anyone who grows their own food will know that new potatoes are best enjoyed July and August. (I grow second earlies) And they don’t store well. So how on earth was I eating them in March? Well, I did…

6 ways to serve gnocchi

Gnocchi – the perfect zero waste meal. Served 6 ways…

Gnocchi is such a brilliant food for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s a great ‘Use it up!’ meal if you have any left over mashed potato.

how to host your own disco soup

How to host your own DISCO soup

Want to hold your own DISCO SOUP event? Here are some links that will tell you all about it. We like this video from Feedback: Feedback have produced a toolkit to help you run your event. You can get that here.   And Slow Food has put together this instruction booklet of how to run…