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Blog and Latest Zero Waste News

rwm waste and recycling exhibition 2019

Come and meet us at RWM Exhibition 2019 – the UK’s Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition & Conference

  RWM is the UK’s Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition & Conference. And we’ll be at RWM Exhibition 2019! Well, at least Anna will be! Held in Birmingham NEC, the show welcomes over 20,000 visitors who are working to a more resource efficient future. Know what you want to go already? Book your free…

reusable alternatives to disposable drinking straws

Eight sustainable or reusable alternatives to disposable plastic straws

  I was cleaning out my bunnies today and topped up their bedroom with clean straw. As I was walking to the compost heap with the old bedding I started thinking about straw, then drinking straws and before I knew it, I was thinking about those pesky disposable plastic straws again. Thanks to David Attenborough,…

wellington college logo

Inspiring future generations at Wellington College

Anna visited 600 school students and engaged them with her Recyclometer to help them discover the wonderful world of recycling!

recycling schemes for schools

How Schools can Raise Funds Through Recycling

  One of the things I’ve learned from working with numerous schools is that students feel they want recycling to become much more prominent in schools. They say that recycling bins are often tucked away in the corner of the room and don’t stand out enough. Students request “They should be bright colours and look…

six ways to have a zero waste valentines day

How to have a waste free Valentine’s Day

  Cupid is firing up his bow, ready to bestow love upon the Earth. And we should be doing the same. Bestowing love upon the earth, that is. Every Valentine’s Day we spend money on cards, helium balloons, flowers, stuffed animals and chocolates. And whilst they might provide an instant hit, their lasting legacy to…

henry cavendish primary school zero waste week workshop

Year 5s enjoying their green curriculum

Anna visited Henry Cavendish Primary School in Balham to hold an assembly, organise a waste audit and spend time with each Year 5 class playing games based on her book.

henry box school logo zero waste week workshop

The Dustbin Diet at Henry Box School

60 students from the Henry Box School in Witney took part in the Dustbin Diet as part of their geography curriculum.

marlborough school logo

A Dustbin Diet course at Marlborough School

Anna held the Dustbin Diet course at Marlborough school, Woodstock, with around a hundred and eighty Year 8 students. The students ended up creating their own version of ‘101 ways to live cleaner and greener for free’ to sell at the school.

colate logo working with zero waste week

Working with Colgate to improve future products

Colgate needed dynamic experts to help them come up with a winning product idea. Anna’s role was to push the thinking further, act as a sounding board and provide insight and constructive feedback.

mahwe logo working with zero waste week

Cars, Bras and Brassicas – a story about habits and waste

Anna was approached to speak at the Abingdon Mahwe group for a thoughtful talk and discussion about how we can adopt more helpful habits to reduce our impact on our planet.