We help forward thinking businesses and organisations take meaningful action to reduce their impact on the planet.

If you're looking to save money, preserve resources or meet your CSR goals, we can supply everything you need to help your staff understand the importance and benefits of reducing waste and inspire them to take action.

Our services

Display materials include eye-catching posters for workplace noticeboards and postcards for staff to take home. Buy yours here.

Lunch time talks cost £600 plus travel (during Lockdown, all our talks take place via video conferencing) Examples of lunch time talks include; How to reduce single-use plastics, How to reduce waste in your life and How to reduce your food waste. All these talks help staff understand how to lessen our impact on the planet and what difference that makes.

An all day stand costs £850 plus travel (during Lockdown, all our talks take place via video conferencing) and is your opportunity to have individual contact and consultancy to really get staff on board with the Zero Waste message and pin point actions that they can take. All day stands are ideal for introducing a Zero Waste campaign, supporting a health and wellness day or adding something a bit different to a team building session.

Pop up information clinics are one of our client's favourite Zero Waste services! It's an opportunity for your staff to benefit from Anna's two decades of expertise on a one-2-one basis. Your staff can get hints, tips and ideas for reducing their own waste. It's ideal for people who don't like to speak up in groups and is an empowering way for your team to take that all-important next step. (During Lockdown, our pop up clinics take place via video conferencing).

Ad hoc Skype consulting is available for £200 per hour. If you need facts and figures to help engage people or are running out of time to research we're available on Skype to arm you with knowledge, focus and make sure you get results. Our team can help you incorporate the key targets of the Global Goals for sustainable development into your business.

Packages include display materials sent to you in the post, downloadable materials to help you get the most from your campaign and consulting so you can plan, run and evaluate your event. We are happy to work with you to create bespoke materials and training.

Although we're "Zero Waste Week" we are all about creating waste reducing habits that are for life, not just for the week.